Samsung 950 pro, Robocam, Olympus 300mm, and more. DSLR FILM NOOB Podcast #62

Samsung 950 pro, Robocam, Olympus 300mm, and more. DSLR FILM NOOB Podcast #62



  1. you guys answered I a concern I have. my pc is a i7 5820 16gb ram 980ti and by no means a slow 3 ssd 3 hhd wd raptor, black (editing drive) and green (archive) drives. and this whole time I thought it was my 2 tb black drive instead its the dam codec!

  2. The one place you do see a big difference is moving clips on and off it from a raid0 array, man that thing can write fast!!!!!

  3. I upgraded my 840EVO to a sm951 NVMe for my os drive on my i7 5820 machine running Windows10, the diffrence is pretty underwhelming!!!! sure it's fast but a couple of seconds here and there really isn't going change your life… editing Red 4k video you don't see any real difference as its smooth at 1/2 res and bogs the cpu at full, but to be honest playback at full is pointless as the editing window is not 4k anyway!
    Resolve 12 works well on Windows 10 and so does CC 2015.

  4. DJ. I have a small film crew here in Southern Mississippi and we are planning to film a faith based film next spring. I will be the camera operator. I already have Canon gear but I'm just not that happy with it, seeing the IQ coming from these Lumix systems. My budget is $1100. They want our film to have that Lifetime movie look to it-Quality wise. Do you think the G7 would do the job? With a few primes. The Mark

  5. yea when I used to work collage film festivals (participate, volunteer, sound, judge . . . whatever) it became a game to count all the rack focus shots . . . it is like it became a thing not to have any story and just focus on cinematography and all the shallow depth of field.

    i think this is where my hate of shallow depth of field comes from. I don't hate as in won't use it . . I just think If I am going to make everything look like I shot on a green screen, I'm gonna save money and shoot on a green screen.

  6. yea, ripping and sharing on facebook is a really bad thing that is going around . . .. I'll have to check out that site.

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