Review of Sony Alpha 100 DSLR Camera

Review of Sony Alpha 100 DSLR Camera

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  1. I lost my charger for the battery, what type of battery this camera has or maybe I need a special model?? Someone pleeeaaase help.

  2. What focus mode would be best to use for surf photography? Thanks

  3. Thanks ! This cam is still nice…I just got it for 50 bucks with some oculars and flash-cards.

  4. Does 45 sound like a good deal for the camera nowadays? I'm trying to get in to DSLRs, I mostly use point and shoot and analog SLRs (at least I already got lenses and adapters for it) but I do not have allot of money, wish me luck on getting this thing xD

  5. Can you film with this or no

  6. Flash on, flash off, lol :)

  7. thanks for showing something about this camera, i just bought this camera for 40 euros.

  8. I have had this camera for 2 months now and use it regularly (several times a week).I purchased the 75-300 zoom lens to go with it. Obviously, this being a DSLR camera, the pictures are crisper with better color.

  9. can you explain the difference between the Transcend compact flash 4GB (45x) and 16GB 122x.  I have the 4GB 45 and want to get a 16GB but it's a 122X and I am not sure what that means?  can you help?

  10. Can it take video?

  11. Rebeca BeadlesBieber

    me gustaría que estuviera en Español…

  12. Oh you can't see the pictures through the LCD screen?? Oh that sucks!! Do you know which of the newer ones can?

  13. is it water seal< and a magnesium alloy body

  14. Elevation Productions by musicfreakcc


  15. does it take video

  16. … I have a D60, and I freaking love it 😛 I like it better than my friends' XTi for sure. Never tried Sony nor the Olympus.

  17. @Milby20289394bc As far as I know it accepts CF I/II and Memory Stick Duo cards. May be you just forgot to turn switch on the current card?

  18. Elevation Productions by musicfreakcc

    @Milby20289394bc The memory card's filesystem could be corrupt. Also the card itself could be faulty… have you tried using a different memory card?

  19. i got a sony a 100 identical to this video, it says full through the eyepiece and 0 on the right side when i go to take a picture…. how do i fix this? i thought it was a full memo card, but i cleared it and it still doesnt work.

  20. Elevation Productions by musicfreakcc

    @FilthProductions1 It doesn't take videos.

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