REVIEW: Nikon D3100 DSLR

REVIEW: Nikon D3100 DSLR

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    Perfect dslr review, and very nice camera you have got there. Good luck!

  2. Is the Canon powershot SX1 IS good for filming? Thanks

  3. I know nothing about photography and I want a nice camera to begin with. Price isn't an issue so I'm open to any suggestions. Please help? Ps. Is the d5500 good for beginners? 

  4. hello friend, thanks for the video but please i wanted to know the different between there cameras, for example nikon D40,D60
    and D3000 ;;;;;;;which one of these is the more newer; please i want to know; thanks

  5. I have this camera and it is awesome love it !

  6. What about the entire soccer game can i record it ,

  7. Demi “DhMshake” H

    Hi! I'm going into horse photography, and I'm thinking about upgrading to this camera. But I have a question, is this camera good with action shots? Obviously I'm gonna be taking pictures of horses running, etc. So, good with action/sports shots? (I'm a beginner with photography and people say it's a good beginner camera) 

  8. Price ??

  9. You said Nikon wrong.

  10. I'm an Asian, so basically my whole finger fits in that area

  11. Sure Nikon D3100

  12. this or canon eos 1100d???

  13. Would this camera be better than the canon t3

  14. For the money, it has pretty much all an amateur photographer needs to enter the DSLR world. If you are a pro and need super high frames per second or a huge number of megapixels for giant size prints from a cropped image, go ahead and spend thousands of dollars for a high end camera.

  15. Remember that this camera is for entry level, it doesn't have to be excellent, just thought I'd say

  16. Sooooooooo this is a "IMO" video… -_- not a review…

  17. I find this review is very hopeless,,,,90% of his review is all negative of this cam

  18. Nice video very helpful but its NIKON not N-eye-kon

  19. Bruno Bass Rodrigues

    how many hours of battery time? cool video, keep the good work

  20. Rajdeep Panjetta

    d3100 d3200 they are best dslrs for beginners nd if you want more features the d5200 nd d5100 is also very good cameras

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