Remote Shooting With Canon DSLR On Your Computer

Remote Shooting With Canon DSLR On Your Computer

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  1. yay!!! you're awesome!! great video, thank you so much!!!

  2. Hi my question is: do you record the audio with a separate program then marry the two later? or does the capture program take audio input from interface?

  3. thank you so much! This was so helpful, you don't know how much money you just saved me.. I was about to go out and find a new camera cause my current one doesn't have a flip out screen.. I am forever grateful to you! Great video man, thanks!

  4. SophistiKaited Beauty

    where is the download…?

  5. Володимир Бевза

    Anybody knows how to capture live streaming video from Canon 5d MK II to monitor fullscreen (with no additional titles, options, buttons on the video!)

  6. Hey I have a T3 and EOS Utility but Is it possible to connect my iphone too? I want to use it like a remote shooting.

  7. Hey there. I'm trying to get the EOS Utility working with my 70D. I'm doing product photography, and have a speed light attached via hotshoe which bounces off the ceiling. Through the EOS utility I can take pictures, but the external flash isn't firing. Any ideas? I'd love to be able to leave the camera where it is, and move products in and out of the frame and take pictures with consistent exposures.

  8. ‫רועי רביבו‬‎

    Oh my god man, that's insane!
    Literally 100% the video i was looking for, this is scary.
    I have a T5i and a 50mm, I have to keep it sooo far and I was looking for a way to get the focus and start recording with my mac sitting right next to me!
    And I have an AT2020 to record the audio right below me, insane! literally same setup!

  9. I'm sorry for question, but: my canon with full charged battery discharged maybe in 30 minutes, while connected to PC and shooting video.  What to do in that case? How much battery lives in your case? Can I charge DSLR from PC via USB somehow?

  10. hey, thank you for the video! can you also zoom in /out remotely?thx

  11. Thank you for your sharing, really helped me out : D

  12. What if your laptop doesn't have a disc reader?

  13. amazing!  Thank you so much!!!

  14. can u do remote shooting with canon 760 d

  15. I ask, like the woman below if it will work on my 1200D T5? Good video, my man!

  16. This is a very useful video. thank you so much. but i just want to ask, you did this in video so how about if i want to take pictures from my computer that connected to my camera. can i be able to do it? using this technique/program? thank you.

  17. What do i do if i cant find my disk ? :(

  18. Thanks for your explanation. Have you the Bahasa Indonesia version?

  19. canon 760 d have 3 to 10 x digital zoom can u use video crop mode with eos remote

  20. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! ❤️

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