Remote Control my Canon 5D Mark III w/ DSLR Controller on Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet

Remote Control my Canon 5D Mark III w/ DSLR Controller on Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet

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  1. Thanks for your video. I have a galaxy tab 4 with the dslr controller. I use a canon 600d and have all the correct cables. BUT, i have a terrible lag on the video image; it's so bad that I can hardly use it. Any suggestions to resolve this issue would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Thank you Jerry, I couldn't find any help on Jay's channel. Thank you for making this video. I've been struggling with off brand app all day

  3. Thank u for the demonstration.
    With cannon 70 D you can do it wireless
    And the focusing is much smoother cuz
    Of the dual pixel technology.

  4. how about iPhones, iPads ect….?

  5. LOL…a 5D Miii for Youtube videos….funny shit…

  6. Magic Lantern?? does it works?

  7. Really odd to see a 5D3 with a virtual touch screen. Excellent video – thank you for uploading.


  9. How long does the battery last using the app?

  10. You do realize you can use Canon's own EOS Utility App that comes with your camera and you can tether your 5DMK iii directly to your laptop for similar functionality, right?

  11. The quality of the cable is exceedingly important with this app, from suffering extreme lag to not working at all–depending on the quality of the cable.  Use one of the OEM-style cables with the ferrite chokes if possible.  If you're suffering problems, try several different cables.

  12. Great! Does this also work with Magic Lantern?

  13. My Canon 5d mark iii main dial would not work i..e change the shutter speed. 

    I could change the shutter speed from the battery grip. 

    And then for no reason whatsoever the main dial could work and change the shutter. 

    Anyone encounter this problem?

  14. but you don't need an app for the screen to work from 5dm3.

  15. Please can you help, i have a iPad 2 and a canon 5 d mk 3 i want to use my iPad as a field monitor via cable to camera can you recommend a app.

  16. will this work with a iPad???

  17. Your lighting seems fine. You just need to get comfortable with using the manual controls, especially now that you have DSLR Controller to change things on the fly.

  18. Thank you so much.. you have no idea how you helped me with this video thanks

  19. Hey there. Just got my set up today with a nexus 7. I'm using the usb cable that came with my t3i. I can view stills on the tablet. But when I try and monitor video. All I see is a black display (still see the functions buttons) but no moving video on the display. Any suggestions ? Thank you !

  20. Hi, Is there differance between the Micro USB 90 Degree Host Cable and the one that is just straight cable?
    Sorry if sounds like a stupid question!!! Thanks

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