Posing for Portrait Photography: A Head to Toe Guide

Posing for Portrait Photography: A Head to Toe Guide

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  1. Awesome video! thanks for the great tips. Side note, anyone else notice the guys belly through the parted shirt at 5:49? lol.

  2. Hello:  Could you tell me if this video covers everything that in the book or in the book there is an additional information? Thank you

  3. Nice Harley there!

  4. This is THE most comprehensive video and/or explanation of portrait photography that I have ever seen… Thank you!


  5. sounds like Carl Sagan..

  6. v good tkins

  7. Mr. Smith this is a fantastic professional, academic presentation. Everyone interesting in exercising better posing can benefit. Just ignore the tin-skinned, overly sensitive, they are attempting to smear this quality presentation with unnecessary Politically Correctness.

  8. Dude sounds like a Robot.

  9. So many feminazi! Chill out Sarkisian's fangirls.

  10. well something that real fkng apparent , ya dont like posing ppl that arent the ',society's standard ''  any ladies with slight more weight that u like are chopped up  barely headshots or hidden  to only show face…….. & ur constant comments to wat should be acceptable or not of a woman figure is clearly not urs to decide
    & like most previous coments , clearly abuse of Luminence  to soften skin
    & from that , im questioning if u are a photographer that enjoys ppl  or ya simply got a closed minded view of the world & what is beautiful

  11. i really appreciate this video! Thank you!

  12. I enjoyed the video , very informative and explanatory.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. The video was for free, great advice for a master.. Be grateful.

  14. Ironically, most of the advice given is solid, relevant guidance. That said, all the photos shown are horrid, cheap looking, Walmart-Portrait-Studio/high volume studio type shots. In addition to that, the retouching is just almost worse. You can follow all the "rules" you want, and still come out with bland, dated shots.

    Just goes to show you, being a "successful"  photographer has just as much (if not more) to do with a business mind, as it does with being a master of your craft.

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