‘Point and Shoot’ photography – 5 tips

‘Point and Shoot’ photography – 5 tips

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  1. i got wifi to watch this video from your forehead

  2. marthe pier siquijor

    thanks for sharing this video i mean uploading matt my name is matt tooooo

  3. This guy looks like a paedophile, sorry to say.

  4. Can i shoot in raw format with my point and shoot camera..? sony DSC w830 to be specific…

  5. thx for ur brief tutorial. it's gd. for a newby like me.

  6. Pranay Kinjawadekar

    First at all thanks for the information. I have a question, Can I use or synchronise my point and shoot camera (Canon SX160IS) with external flash? If yes, please suggest me a good flash.

  7. Helpful.  Thank you!

  8. Can we get the same kind of video we get in a dslr after editing the video?

  9. How to get focus on desired subject as point and shoot always use AF.

  10. Rhishikesh Pingle

    Sir tell me the best camera under 8000rs in India ?
    I can buy!

  11. lol the mustache :P

  12. Show Us Your Tips

    Thank you. Very helpful.

  13. sometimes using the pop up flash actually makes the picture darker and flat because the camera goes for a higher shutter speed cause it thinks that the light from the flash would be very bright. it just happens sometimes… i could be wrong though

  14. cheers

  15. finally a real photographer not limited by his equipment!

  16. I shoot with a Canon ELPH 300 HS, and the photos give a T3 a run for its money! I always leave flash off (because it broke). Interestingly, I use a starbucks coffee sleeve as a crude lens shade. It really improves photo quality in harsh sunlight.

  17. hey how to shoot with sony wx150 model with low noice when in full zoom, even an optically zoomed pic showing lot of noice n little clarity in this camera

  18. Thanks for taking the time to make this video. I loved it. I have a point and shoot and I do those things you mentioned like shooting all my pictures the same way. Have a great day.

  19. I love the "background defocus" setting on my sony cybershot wx50, it gives that nice dslr wide aperture look from something smaller than my wallet! always have that thing in my pocket. 🙂

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