Photography Tips & Tricks Ep. 15

Photography Tips & Tricks Ep. 15

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  1. EclypseSportHorses

    Thanks so much for the zoom tips on the flash, so simple now that you have explained it.  Thank you

  2. You are correct sir!

  3. Thanks RC, great tips, by the way, and hope you don't mind, but you remind me to Cantinflas, LOL, cheers.

  4. well that was not very helpful or informative at all. Pros ? maybe , but if they were successful then they would do vids to actually share useful information not this drivel.

  5. Some great tips. The ads are what allows them to share those tips, they are pros and should be paid for their time. I appreciate the tips, the price/value relationship works for me. Thank you.

  6. Good tip thks

  7. Agreed. Kelby used to be Photo and Photoshop gurus. Now they're Marketing Gurus. Damn shame, too. They have some great talented folks like RC.
    WTG Scott.

  8. this is terrible. just terrible…………

  9. Next time, lets put in a few more ads. Also, if you could be more vague, that would help.

  10. Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg

    Great. thanx

  11. Thanks for this one. Tested it today and it worked perfect 😀

  12. Shades N' Shadows

    thanks RC. keep em coming

  13. The LCD display on Canon Speedlites blinks at you when the diffuser panel isn't all the way in. I thought something was wrong with my light the first time I saw it.

  14. RC is the best!

  15. The flash part was really interesting. No wonder my flash shots were so heavy, I had it 1:1. Learn something new everyday.

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