Photography Tips: Taking portrait photos on cloudy days

Photography Tips: Taking portrait photos on cloudy days

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  1. Nice tips, thank you.

  2. Jana, what camera u use to take this video? if possible tutorial on how u take and edit video…thank you so much!

  3. Hi, you do such awesome tutorials and always have the prettiest hats. What hat are you wearing in this tutorial?

  4. f/4 is really wide…. wut? 1:10

  5. Precious T. Photography

    Good video!

  6. I really like your videos , I learn a lot , and you are amazing !!!! Thank you so much !!! When I see did you put new video I just to excited !!! 

  7. beautiful shot!

  8. Hey what camera did you use xx

  9. nice love to see christine and carla

  10. Which camera are you using ?! 

  11. What do you do to edit your photos in lightroom later? They look soooooo good! I can never get my photos to look that good. They still look like and amateur took them…

  12. So Sweet :)

  13. Cool! I love it. Do you have some tips to make a photoshoot for boys? 

  14. Christine Chang

    I modeled for my dear friend Jana Williams in this video about shooting on a cloudy day. 🙂

  15. Shontelle Whiston

    Do you dress the models or give them advice on what to wear ? I love your photographs Jana!!! :)

  16. Jana why don't you use the widest aperture like 2.8? or wilder? Is there specific reason to use f4.0? Thank you :)

  17. personally, i'm not too sure if jana actually teaches anything… BUT i lovelovelove her photos so i try to pay more attention to the photos she usually puts up rather than what she says

  18. I'm obsessed with all of your outfits.. like all of them. great tutorial!!

  19. New youtube video is up y'all!

  20. Yours Truly, Bernice

    I really love your videos. You explain things in such a relatable way without droning on and on! LOVE!

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