Photography Tips: Real Life Photo Shoot Talk Through

Photography Tips: Real Life Photo Shoot Talk Through

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  1. Not sure how I missed this one but it was great fun. I loved the depth of colour you got in your shots. May I ask what sliders you tweaked in the RAW file development to get that depth? Thanks for another great video Mike.

  2. Roberto Pagliari

    how did you learn cow language?

  3. WOW! Beautiful, I would never had thought to get on the ground, it's a very unique and spectacular perspective. Love your videos Mike, you are GREAT! Actually Mike I like the cow with the long ear, I think it adds character, makes the subject more interesting.

  4. hahaha what a cute cows 😀

    Mike, i want to ask this:

    I always shoot in JPEG and upload them where i want but
    What if i start shooting in RAW ( without editing yet ) and upload them is the quality the same as a JPEG or worse?

    ( example: A non edited JPEG vs a non edited RAW )

  5. Eva S (evaslifeonvideo)

    To anyone who reads this, please be extremely careful around cows and other large animals, especially when you have your attention on the camera. They don't realize how much damage they can do to you but if you get run over by a herd of cows that's not fun! Stay safe (and preferably outside the fence) :)

  6. Ridder van Doorne

    This was so much fun :)

  7. Great video, great photographs and great models. Thanks Mike

  8. I love to watch your vclips! you're made for this type of thing Mike! cheers

  9. I don't think I could bring myself to lie down in a field of cows Mike. You might come across a cow pat you never initially noticed lol :p

  10. Hi +Lakshan I can't respond to your question because your G+ settings won't allow it. I get the vibrant colours because i process my own RAWs instead of letting the camera do it. Cameras are very clever but they don't know how I want my image to look. So when they process the RAW they're working to presets made by their programmers. Hope this helped… – MIKE

  11. How are you getting these vibrant colours ? Did you edit them for the video? 

  12. lovely, I had so much fun watching this video!

  13. Reminds me of the cows I grew up with…to bad I didn't have a camera in those days…

  14. Brian JC Osborne


  15. I grew up with Guernsey dairy cows.  They were handled from their first day as calves.  All were trained to lead and a majority were shown at various county and state fairs.  They were like family.
    We rode them, slept on them, played with them and my brother even put a saddle on one when he was six or seven and rode her to our baby sitter's home.  Her husband was somewhat senile in his late 80s.  I don't know what he thought when Andy rode up to him on his cow.  He rode the cow past the neighborhood bar-grocery store.  Several drinkers came running out to see him go by.  No one said a word.
    One of the cows loved my father for some reason. He had to hold his hand out when he milked her so she didn't lick his face.  One day he showed us a black fingernail.  He said she was licking his hand and Dad, not paying attention, let her suck his hand and she accidently bit him with her rear teeth.
    This video of the cattle and your wonderful voice brought tears to my eyes.  
    THank you
    Ted Nelson.
    p.s. You can kick and rock back and forth on a cow or heifer all day long and they will not comprehend you want them to go ahead.  The trick is to pull on their tail to get them to go.  After a couple pulls and releases they understand.

  16. Thank you for replying 

  17. how come you never let us know which lens and camera you are using when doing a shoot…

  18. I was very impressed with your moo.  Looking forward to next weeks chicken shoot..

  19. I love the shots Mike!

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