Photography Tips: Mirror-less Interchangeable Lens Cameras

Photography Tips: Mirror-less Interchangeable Lens Cameras

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  1. @6:00
    Sony camera isn't based on Nikon system at all as Sony makes the sensors for Nikon.

    Typical guy in a shop talking bollocks to sell goods!

  2. I am waiting for Nikon (or Canon) to bring their expertise to this mirrorless CSC market. They have the ability to do a better job than any of the other camera companies that are now enjoying this time of not having to compete with the industry leaders of Nikon or Canon.

  3. I own a Nikon DSLR but I love going out with my little Olympus epli fitter with an old canon fd 50mm 1.8 lens, looking at buying a Sony A6000 in a few months 

  4. thanks for this…

  5. Haha I heard 'gamma' as well and just got more confused 😀 Good video!

  6. I had a sony a58 and loved it for cheap camera was great till it got stolen out of my truck .. ???? mike maybe you could highlight some time keep your gear safe .. 

  7. It might read f2.8 on the lens, but that's only if you "forget" to apply the crop factor to the aperture also.

  8. Photographer Overnight

    Nice video for beginners. Ond of the things clients always want to know before a session is how many pictures you'll be giving them, how many of them will be edited, will you just give them your favorites, etc. It's a good idea to have some kind of approximate number you can tell them before the session starts so they know what to expect, and you can always exceed their expectations. Our channel is devoted toward helping beginner photographers succeed in the industry, feel free to stop by and check out more of our helpful hints :)

  9. Just getting back into photography after years (ok decades) on the sidelines.  Been looking at both DSLR and mirrorless as I'm not presently invested in either technology.  I value image quality over focus speed and don't give a lick about video.  No matter which way I go the thing I DO NOT want is to feel the need to scrap everything or buy a new piece every 6 months just to stay in the game.  (Mind you I probably will, I just don't want to be forced into it)  What I really liked about this series (on mirrorless) is that you obviously come from an extensive DSLR background and yet are open to the possibilities of this format.  That's refreshing, and honestly a bit rare.  Much more beneficial for lost and confused souls like me who are struggling to figure this all out.  (FYI, I've narrowed things down to the D7100 or the X-E2 but I'm leaning towards the Fuji because of the amazing set of lenses, the crazy good 50-140 f/2.8 continuous coming out this month, and yes… the groovy retro-rangefinder looks)  Love the videos and I just subscribed.     

    (FYI, my only difference of opinion is that I found the video quality of the Fuji cameras in general to be rubbish.  But, if I cared about that I would be looking at another line.)

  10. Hi Mike, love the mirrorless videos. I would like you to try the Panasonic GH4. I would enjoy seeing what you think of it. Thanks

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