Photography Tips: Long Lens Landscape Photography

Photography Tips: Long Lens Landscape Photography

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  1. Jim “rotfil” Bean

    Fantastic video thanks, amazing location – great shots. Really enjoyed this one!

  2. Great video Mike, I especially liked it because it validates what I have been thinking when it comes to long lenses and landscape/scenery shots. I recently was in Alaska and I took some (what I think were decent) shots on a very grey day of some mountains and railway lines. As always I really appreciate your tube videos, Thank you very much.

  3. Tony Hodgkinson

    a great video Mike, thank you

  4. Mike, your instructional videos are really informative and well made, but your so easy to relate to as a fellow photographer with a wonderful personality. Someone anyone would want as a friend in life as well as a photography buddy. Keep up the good work. I wish you all the best.

  5. John Summerfield

    I would like you to try this. You need a grey sky, for the sake of argument this scene is fine.
    two shots, one for the boat, one for the sky. maybe under expose the sky a stop.

    Blend the two in Ps, using a mask with a sharp edge to use the dark sky. Sort of like a sky replacement, bug the substituted sky is the same one exposed differently.

    I've tried it with a shot here, I have a cathedral and grey sky, with the reduced exposure the sky has gone from bland to not at all bland.

  6. Great video Mike. I really like the way you shot several compositions in RAW to provide a choice when you get "home" and do some post production. I have to say though, I did prefer the first of the two Portrait format compositions, but that is really just a matter of taste. I know there is a guide that states that (the reciprocal) of your shutter speed should be at least twice the focal length in use, but I have found in practice that no matter how steady I try to hold the camera I can still see a positive difference in sharpness when I use a tripod. With one exception however, if i use a flash as the main source of light then the incredibly brief flash of light freezes any movement of subject and me. Maybe I've just got shaky hands?

  7. Great video, Mike! 😀 really informative! Keep up the great videos :D

  8. Still putting up good stuff, glad you're breaking the myths 🙂
    Nice shots! ;)

  9. Great vid Mike, but first shot wide angle f16 front to back sharpness, sorry, not from where I'm sitting.

  10. As always, a great video. I seem to have been breaking rules for ever then. I got a wide angled lens 16 – 35mm a few months ago and still haven't used it.

  11. I posted the following to another sites series of comments. It is important to understand, I think, to understand what the client wants and needs. Yes, 120 mega-pixels is great, but is 120 mega-pixels what the client needs or is asking for?The other way, or, another way, to look at it is… to whom are you selling. Vogue magazine always demands the best of the best (which I know is dubious, but it is the way that it is). However, a photo client that is not so exacting (not nowhere close to a pixel-peeper) will be happy with 12 mega-pixel at ISO 1200… because, it is the capturing of the moment that is important, not the photographic quality. So, enter composition (again).

    Deliver to the customer what they want, not what the Internet of photographer-trolls want and need. In the end, sell to the customer's demands, not the faux experts of the Internet.

  12. Great video mike. glasses?

  13. Always great vids from you mike, really helps me a lot, thank you.

  14. Unclemax Designs

    You just gave me the mood to try and redo a failed landscape photoshoot I did with a 40mm lens!

  15. Great as always.

  16. Andrew Bloomfield

    nailed it; great shot Mike and well explained.

  17. Now I have to come back to use my longer lens more than I did the first time! By the way, is that hat #3 while you were there? :)

  18. Beautiful location…

  19. I'm sorry, Mike. But I like the video picture better than your stills. There we have a human being in the shot (you), the boat, the water, the mountains, good composition, and everything nice and sharp. Simply beautiful.

  20. The Post Color Blog (Dave's Tuts)

    I do like the hat. And thank you for wearing it for me lol

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