Photography Tips: Light and Composition

Photography Tips: Light and Composition

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  1. looks at whole video

    googles fuselage

    looks at whole video again ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

  2. Really cool mike…

  3. You are amazing , thanks.

  4. talking about post production, i saw your Camera kit video, where yo talked about carrying ur Fuji and your D600 and you showed this picture after you edited it, added a man on top of the plane, and made the sky green and all sorts of things? my weakness is post production and i just cant seem to get my head around it.

  5. thanks for tips, unfortunately i wanna have a camera a dslr but cant afford it realy love photography

  6. I would just love to photograph that DC3. My sort of photography. Oh, and a great video too. :-)

  7. Bristol Pre-conservatoire

    Great teaching style, Mike. So well illustrated and demonstrated. I love your vids, so instructive, thank you.

  8. Bruno Camargo (Beginners Fotografia)

    Great Tips and great Pics…thanks for share!!!

  9. Nice video Mike! I noticed you came to the scene during sunrise/sunset time (i.e. golden hour). 🙂 Also, I had the same idea as yours to shoot into the sunlight when I was contemplating the scene. Bravo on another amazing video!

  10. Geoff Chalcraft

    Thanks Mike. Another good one for composition. Only one thing bothers me – the video camera is giving us white snow, while the still shots make it blue. I noticed on the LCD that you're using a 'Sunlight' setting for the White Balance. I know that, shooting Raw, we can change the WB later but what would the other WB settings give? If set to 'Cloudy', I imagine it would warm up the image a little., maybe turning the blue to white?

  11. i love your videos mike… u r amazing…

  12. Just amazing how you inspire . Knowledge , language, everything encourages me to go out and shoot! Thank you very much for being there and sharing .

  13. Great lesson! I absolutely love your way of explaining things.

    If you are ever going to do a course in the Netherlands, please let me know. I would be very pleased to join!

  14. good one, mike…

  15. Thomas Rasmussen

    Thank you for another great, inspirational and really down-to-Earth video!

  16. As always, another great piece of photographic advice. If all the latest reports are to be believed with regards to El Nino, we may well have enough of the white stuff of our own this year. Should keep all those "snow is beautiful" photographers happy. Not sure how I am going to get my hands on a fuselage though! ……time to give my mate Del Boy a ring lol. Nice one Mike.

  17. you sir are a fucking genius

  18. Love that last picture at 8:09. Genius putting the sun through the plane's busted window pane!!

  19. Great video, as always. I noticed you were shooting with EV -.3 – was that to help compensate for the bright snowiness??

  20. Jon Page (Alpacallama)

    man i wish i could find a random plane wreck where i live…

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