Photography Tips: Composition – disassociation

Photography Tips: Composition – disassociation

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  1. You should do audiobooks for stephen kings novels! would be awesome to listen to!

  2. good to see you doing more vids again,saw your interview about leaving you job to go for photography and that is where i am now,i feel i need a year out to concentrate on photography but it is a scary prospect after all the monthly pay keeps coming in, but if i don't do it now i feel that i may always regret it, i think my wife will need much persuasion

  3. Mohammed Zakaria ali

    Thank you mike you've been always inspiring me :)

  4. Hi Mike, are you preferring the Fuji to the Nikon these days?

  5. Thanks Mike,this is what I'm working on at the moment, great tips here mate. Have subbed, cheers.

  6. You just got another subscriber! Very nice tips on composition

  7. it looks to me most of these shots are taken with telephoto in the 200 to 300 mm range (full frame). Great photos and great tutorial nevertheless.

  8. Evangelos Roussos

    At 3:58 of the video there is a great shot…
    The empty road and the houses on the right!

  9. The Secret to Capturing Great Photos Anywhere You Are

    Have you ever experienced this? You grab your camera and go take a stroll around your neighborhood or the local park; but, after about 45 minutes of walking around, you hang your head and walk back home without a single picture to show for your initially enthusiastic outing.

    Of course it helps to be standing in front of beautiful things if you want to take beautiful pictures, but capturing a great shot and honing your skill as a photographer does NOT require it. In the video below, photo educator +Mike Browne explains the secret to capturing great photos in mundane environments. The secret is to understand your surroundings and disassociate yourself from them! You need to look around because your camera is blind.

    H/T +500px 

    #photography   #photographytips  

  10. I love photography like this. seeing, I mean actually seeing what is there, like the guy said, disassociate yourself from the whole and see the parts.

    You end up with images that are rather striking visually, I mean they are the kind of pictures you have as a desktop wallpaper because its so good.

  11. in my country if you go outside with your camera maybe you will be a death man

  12. 0:13 this is absolutely stunning. I love shots like this so much.

  13. Thank you, very interesting video – as always 😉 . I have a question: what kind of handstrap do you use? I think it is very useful for me too.

  14. Jim “rotfil” Bean

    Enjoyed that.. Thanks :)

  15. Terrific video, Mike. And the type of photographs that I like the most: geometry!
    Live video is a bright idea!!!
    A few words about EV compensation for that snow white facades were most welcome, as well.
    Carry on with your lessons, Mike.

  16. Mike talks through what goes on in his mind composing some shots.

  17. Great video Mike just like all of the others, you're probably the most interesting camera guy on YouTube. Thanks for spoiling us!

  18. Maurício Avellar

    Great video for photographers!

  19. Maurício Avellar

    Sharing the video. Love your videos. I've been recommending and sharing your videos since I've subscribed to your channel. You're videos inspired and allowed me to see beyond what's there. Congratulations from Brazil. :)

  20. Was researching for some time before finding your post. Keep up the nice writing.

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