Photography Tips – Backlighting – an Introduction

Photography Tips – Backlighting – an Introduction

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  1. when you got up close Mike to get a meter reading, (speed & f:stop) so you could dial it in manually. Is your camera set to Full auto to get the reading?
    love your vids btw

  2. Mike, you are just brilliant, thank you. This might be a daft question, but do I go with Sekonic or Gossen? I discovered incident light reading last week and I realised I have been doing photography wrong all these years. Thank you.

  3. please teach us how to capture double exposure in canon…..

  4. Davie Buitendijk

    Another great video man. Thanks. May I ask what camera are you using?

  5. I am so happy to have found your videos on metering and back lighting and how to use the gray card for correct exposure. Until now I have not seen any video tutorials on that. You area really great teacher, thank you.

  6. Wow :)

  7. allergic dermatitis

    what camera do you use to take the photo?

  8. Thank you sir your video helped me a lot
    I understood how to use ael button for the first…

  9. Can you not also use a ND filter ?

  10. Just at 4:12, when the model turned to face the fading sun, the wind blew in her hair and with the birds flying in the back, I wanted to scream "TURN AROUND, MAN, GET THE SHOT NOW! Explain later, SHOOT!!!". But I didn't because Mike wouldn't hear me, would he?

  11. thank you very much >>>
    i wanted to ask you
    which lens are there(in this video)??

  12. I wish to be your student. There are many hundreds videos on youtube with best lenses and expensive FF cameras, but nobody is explaining so good like you.It`s just amazing how good and simple you explain everything.

  13. Watched a ton of videos on this subject today and this is by far the best explained. Thank you. 

  14. Angelo Tardugno

    I've just got my first DSLR and been looking at all sort of videos and tutorial on youtube; can definitely tell that your tips and videos are by far the best! Well done and keep up the good work :)

  15. wow, for the first time, i ACTUALLY understand how to use the AE-L button properly! Thank you for explaining this :D

  16. Mike this is awesome! I was also wondering if you could do one on how to use lens flares to your advantage. there aren't many videos on this. That; and I also don't know how to work the sun to get a good lens flare into my shots creatively.

  17. perfectforehand

    I think using the pop-up flash as a fill light would come in handy as well.

  18. Amazing photographer. You make learning very easy. Your step by step approach is quite understanding.
    Thanks a bunch. 

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