Photography Tips: Available Light Portraits

Photography Tips: Available Light Portraits

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  1. mohammad qatawi

    Forget to tell you, you are my godfather 🤗 I am start to get money from my cam because of you.

  2. mohammad qatawi

    Dear Mark 😍 please need your advice i need to shoot elevator cabinet 🙄and it is maid from steel and glass, 😡 and that is to hard to controlling the light. It is very shiny surface. How to do it 😕

  3. You are a wonderful teacher. Your lessons are so clear and easy to understand, or, "get my head around it" if I may quote you! I never thought that one could get such great results in such bright sunlight. So much to learn and so interesting. Its like walking in the woods and overturning every pebble to see what amazing thing lies beneath it. Thank you Mike.

  4. Mike, thank you for all your tutorials. You are indeed a great teacher and I have learned so much. I have come to a conclusion about photography and I liken it to cooking. Bare with me. You know when you've eaten a meal that someone else has prepared and cooked and it tastes so much better than if you cooked it yourself? I look at so many pictures online, in print, everywhere, and I think to myself, "why cant I do that", and 'are mine any good'. My particular thing is concrete buildings, bridges, towers, walls even. Strange to a lot of people perhaps but I like the angles, colours, shadows and textures. I like my pictures and I do get pleasure from them but when ever I show friends or family, they just ask what am I on! I will never make money from taking pictures but that's not my intention. I would appreciate your feedback on my concrete fetish and if you could even put together a short video on 'concreteography'. Thanks Mike.

  5. Jared Singleton

    Mike I like how you go into this just shooting with a simple 18-55mm and just casually take amazing portraits with a kit lens :]

  6. Terrific video Mike! I've been shooting photos for about 40 years and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy your instruction videos! They are so well done and informative…..even if when you have to move the video camera yourself! Take care and keep up the terrific videos!

  7. Just bought my first DSLR – a used Sony A290 with a few lenses. Ive been on a Mike Browne-athon the last week or so watching dozens of your videos and hoping to put the theory into practice this coming weekend at a family weekend in the lakes.

  8. Castleroe Concrete Ltd

    Hi mike as I have said before your utube videos are very good I know you are a nikon man but I also see you shooting
    with a different camera can I ask what it is thanks

  9. Hey Mike! Good stuff, thx! I've seen you use this location before and why not, it's a neat place for many topics!

  10. Thanks Mike – more great practical advice. Keep it coming. Best regards

  11. Rodrigo Antonio

    I know this has nothing to do with the video, but a Nikon D300 is still a good buy these days? I found one for 340 with an original battery grip and 17k shutter counts, I have a D7100 as my first body and a D3200 as a second, should I keep the D3200 or a D300 is good to replace it?

  12. Your videos are not just helpful in teaching to think out of the box, but also so motivating to just grab the camera, a friend and go out and take some pictures. This helps me a lot, when I'm questioning my motifs: "Why do I actually take photos?" and I'm having a hard time to enjoy my photography.
    You remind me, when in doubt:
    Because the result is satisfying and the process to get there makes a lot of fun, as well.
    You have such an engaging, authentic nature – one can learn more than just photography from you. Your calm and humorous way with interacting your models and audience is exemplary.

    Alright, alright… I'll stop with that crawling. Just wanted to let you know, that you are actually helping people like me out there big time.

    Cheers and "Danke schön"! ;-)

  13. So Browne, would you sat that this is instances when you don't want to use matrix metering and go spot meter to only meter the model?

  14. Cool video as always mike

  15. i really enjoy your videos Mike , very helpful , you should upload more often

  16. Clear and concise, yet again. Thank you, Mike.

  17. Content Aware Phil

    With the huge dynamic range available in modern sensors the decision to blow out highlights becomes a stylistic choice.

  18. Mike at 02:50 you made a choice to crop a bit of her hair out, can i ask why you did it. I would stand there with my brain caught in a loop for five minutes going "it looks better but i'm cutting off the subject" over and over again, then just pointlessly take both versions. Any rules of thumb or suggestions there?
    Sorry if it's an irrelevant question.
    Keep being awesome :)

  19. Jamie “Airsoft” Jimjogg

    As usual Mike, I'm inspired and guided, time to get out and try some new techniques.. thanks Jamie

  20. why nowadays do Models not smile?

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