Photography Tips Auto Focus Modes Part 2 – single point

Photography Tips Auto Focus Modes Part 2 – single point

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  1. Did you ever use back button focus? Maybe that would be an idea for a new video? I started using it about a year ago and once you get used to it, it can be so convenient to have seperate buttons for focussing and shutter release.

  2. Digital Eye Dave

    Hi Mike
    brilliant video, as are all your videos they are really informative,
    theres just one point I am not completely clear on (Duhhh)

    I have seen you in a few videos using the focus point and then moving it to the side or bottom of your frame etc
    what I am not clear on is why you move the focus point when i have seen other videos say "Use the Centre Point then Focus and recompose"

    Sorry if that sounds dumb…
    and thanks for posting all your brilliant videos

    Oh one more thing some of the places you visit (in the uk) are stunning but we dont know where (Some) of them are

    Thanks again and keep on posting.. Love it

  3. thanks for sharing…

  4. Many thanks!!

  5. Pleasure 🙂

  6. Lourika Reinders

    This is exactly what I was looking for – thank you for sharing Mike 🙂

  7. nope, that kid's actually giving a little help to Mike Browne, who happens to be a great photographer and also a brilliant teacher, and has been generously passing his knowledge to all of us. Now, YOU should head off to any place else with this type of comments..

  8. That kid do drugsz..just sayin'

  9. on my nikon p500 when i choose full-time auto focus focusing itself an object …or i can use 3D tracking …but when i have halfpressed shutter button like you it stops focusing i dont know if im doin somethin wrong or is that just camera :S

  10. great efforts… appreciated

  11. Like 🙂

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