Photography Techniques: Lighting – Shooting Into the Sun

Photography Techniques: Lighting – Shooting Into the Sun

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  1. Nachiket Kulkarni

    Does the 16-35mm f/4 IS deliver better/same Sunstars than the f/2.8 variant considering its 9 blade Diaphragm over the f/2.8's 7 blade Diaphragm?

  2. RandomBagpipeMan

    won't i just burn my fucking eyes out if i stare into the viewfinder that's looking at the sun?

  3. Howard Sundwall

    There was no information in this video.

  4. I did this just this morning with the sunrise

  5. Woah… ugaybro

  6. the comment no longer exist….

  7. also try shooting into the sun and expose for the subject … let the sky blow out and wrap your subject in light

  8. saying that is like being a racist in terms of the camera brand.

  9. A very creative and useful technique.awesome!

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