Photography Techniques : How to Use Camera Color Filters

Photography Techniques : How to Use Camera Color Filters

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  1. russelljenkins69

    Great another photography video that feature no examples of what the fuck you are talking about.

  2. who still uses film????

  3. a true photographer speaks!!!! so rare now a days!!

  4. Amazing how many people don't realise that this IS white balancing…for film. You can't set an option to tell your cameras sensor to see light differently when your sensor is a roll of film. you either have to replace the film or use a filter. This is something ALL photographers should know even if they only shoot digital. You should still learn how while balancing works and how it is achieved.

  5. @HatroVille Those filters are for SLR cameras, not DSLR.

  6. you should show pictures of the deference in color filters and more…just a thought

  7. @jetblackdovemusic If someone interested in my review, search for " Sony a560 with Graduated Goja P-series filters and others. " . My videos under SergSpace name. They mostly are samples of how camera behave on practice with different color and graduated filters.

  8. there's something called white balance!!

  9. @incben I'm not sure I understand your question. Colour filters can be used in digital and film, colour or black and white. There are several types of colour filters for different purposes: colour correction, colour balance, contrast modifiers (dif. types for col. or b&w), just for coloruing, coloured polarizers and others.

  10. @JerseyShore117 Yes, but I would recommend to put the polarizer under the UV, to protect it, cause it's more expensive and easier to scratch. If you have too much reflections against backlight, use just one, or none. But try to always use at least one to protect the lens.

  11. @sjphs Actually you learn much more and better with film, cause you learn "the hard way", and in the old days they really taught the important stuff, stuff that nowadays nobody cares about or even remember. If you learn that you're gonna have a much better understanding about how light/photography works, and digital is gonna be an easy adaptation, whereas the other way round is much harder. I have seen it!

  12. I like effects filters… but just to colorize i rather keep using PhotoShop lol.

  13. Can some one please explain the benifit of using colour filters to correct for different colour light. Can't you just white balance and correct the problem? The only manual SLR cameras I've ever really had much to do with used Black and White so I don't recall what white balancing is like on a film SLR.

  14. This is a video by e how, I have been noticing how useless their "tips" are. Why even go to the effort of posting a video on color filters, if you arent going to show those filters in use? ITS A VIDEO ON PHOTOGRAPHY!!! A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS. EHOW

  15. @themanlion1 you can have the knowledge and skill in shooting digital camera, and you can learn faster in digital than film. if you know what i mean.

  16. @nofatchicks30 Actual studies show that 90% of homophobes are gay

  17. 7 people are colorblind

  18. are there lots of different lens's are there i didn't know that DERRRRRR. oh and dude GIVE UP YOUR SHIT!!!! my unborn son could do better hahaha

  19. rockhopper123452

    howd u get ur video to be on e how?

  20. @HatroVille thats the white balance :L

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