Photography Technique: The Invisible Black Background

Photography Technique: The Invisible Black Background

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  1. Brilliantly simple tutorial. just what I needed for my portraits. Subscribing to your feed. Thank you

  2. great invention…

  3. Thank you for the tutorial Glyn, it's been a great tool for "On Location" shoots! I have a suggestion on the flash that is a tad simpler though. I've posted a link below to a DIY flash flook I made using a Pringles can that's easier to set up when outdoors and it gives more directional control of the lighting. I just thought it might add to simplify the technic you've shared with us. Thanks again.

  4. So with pop up flash it won''t work?

  5. That's bloody brilliant

  6. Great vid!

  7. stupid question, if i was to try and achieve this with multiple people but as a full body portrait would this work by doing what you have done but with one either side?

  8. Simply brilliant thanks Glyn

  9. What was your focal length?

  10. awesome..i love the invisible black background..thanks Glyn

  11. Great video. I love going over basics from time to time and this is very informative for newer photographers. It's amazing how helpful everyone is in this world. For those who are obsessed with this like me, it becomes second nature. But some don't have the time to learn every little detail and it's videos like this that really help them. Great job. 

  12. do you have to adjust your shutter speed along with the fstop? is the technique simply to expose at a higher fstop? thanks for the video! just need some clarification :P

  13. Will this work with a wireless strobe?

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