Photodynamism Movement Photography with Blackout Technique

Photodynamism Movement Photography with Blackout Technique

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  1. Nice! You can do so many things with this technique.

  2. Wonderful!! im going to try it. Hope I learned!

  3. Great idea, how did you get the creative ideas? nice music, mice composition, 太棒了

  4. Hideous, unnecessary, distracting, annoying music.

  5. Isn't this same as rear curtain sync?

  6. Delivanis Atebe


  7. i wanted to learn more about photography,and this videos is a big help,thank you so much,so easy to comprehend,GOD BLESS YOU 🙂

  8. Where do you buy clamp lamps?

  9. So nice 🙂

  10. Thank You very much for lessons!

  11. I love your videos!:) good job


    Why don't you use camera trigger? Wouldn't it save some time? I am planning on doing a similar video.

  13. really??? did you see our "Good Old Photography Trick to Shoot Zombi Portrait " ?

  14. awesome tutorial. I like the fact that you got the shot in camera, and didn't Photoshop the layers. It forces us to be more creative with our gear.

  15. I thank you very very much for sharing – You keep me motivated – THANKS YOU ROCK

  16. Will give it a try,grea video

  17. Adnan Al-Bahrani

    Thank you very much 🙂

  18. you are a wise man 😉

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