PHOTO TIPS – What I use + Basic Photography Tips ♡

PHOTO TIPS – What I use + Basic Photography Tips ♡

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  1. The Multi Talented guy.

    Hey Ron Dadon I am a 16 years old guy .I love Photography but I can't afford a camera. I have watched almost all of your videos I just wanted to know if there is anyway I can get a camera for free. If someone gives me an option between my crush and a DSLR then I will obviously choose a DSLR because I love photography so badly..
    waiting for your reply.
    hoping for reply.

  2. Do a video on your videophotraphy please please please!!!!!:)

  3. I really want a dslr but they are so expensive, any recommendations for a good and cheap one? :(

  4. this helped me so muchh. i loveee your pictures, they really inspire me 🙂 can you make a video tutorial on editing pictures? cuz that'd just be really cool. thanks!!

  5. Hi! So I have also have the 50mm, but I find it a little bit restricting in an indoor setting…is there a large difference between the 35mm and the 50mm? I'm looking into getting one but idk!

  6. Ella Hutchinson

    this literally helped me so much ahh thank youu

  7. Thanks for the tips! Have an awesome day!

  8. You kinda look like acacia brinley omg

  9. Alessandra Riggio

    What editing software do you use and what are your goto edits?

  10. Gillian Rae (gilraae)

    Aaa so helpful thank you!!!

  11. loved this video, continue like this!

  12. Thank you! this really helped. you should also do a video going more in depth into photoshoots and what not, i think that would  be super cool :)

  13. Barbara Rodriguez

    Did you have caps on the lenses??? (Like the part where it connects to the camera) I thought you could ruin them if you didn't put them on. Obviously not on the 50mm 1.8 since it's broken but the one you showed after that (sorry if I'm confusing)

  14. Thank you for making this video, it's helped so much! :)

  15. Marybeth Bonner


  16. you must make more videos!! i always get so down about my photography like its never good enough or i lose creativity but looking at your photos always inspires me to want to be an awesome photog!!! you should do like a shoot along thing. where you take a small group to shoot with you and give little lessons in person! i know i would love that, especially when it comes to lighting. you always get it just right in all your pictures!!! You're such an inspiration to me and you're like 6 years younger than i am! thank you for making this video!!! <3

  17. YEET

  18. Make a video documenting a shoot that you do! Loved this vid btw😍

  19. Do you use speed lights or any hotshoe mounted flash at all??

  20. You should totally go through a step by step process at a shoot. I think that would be amazing

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