Pentax K-3 – Pentax’s high-end dSLR (hands on)

Pentax K-3 – Pentax’s high-end dSLR (hands on)



  1. I agree, she seems to be on the payroll of " NI-CAN"….

  2. And after that ladies and gentlemen, she committed suicide.

  3. Since when do pro level dslrs offer moving screens and Wi-Fi

  4. I have a K3 and f friend has a Nikon D7100 , they now wished they had a Pentax K 3 like mine. My Pentax K 3 runs circles around a Nikon D7100 

  5. Hi, I'm Lori Grunin and this camera isn't a Canon or Nikon… so I don't care. A real review would be nice.

  6. Also how many enthusiast, weather sealed cameras are there with an articulating screen? It's really a feature for more low end DSLRs as it impacts the weather sealing and ruggedness with little benefit to pro users.

  7. Many people do. Dslr are cheaper and have certain advantages over camcorders.

  8. I'm disturbed by the large Pink mushroom with limited knowledge who can just about read a script. This is awful! Give me passion pls! This is an exciting camera, let's hear it!

  9. A camera with future presented by someone without it. Pentax deserves better!

  10. Pentax have introduced movable screens to some cameras like the X5 bridge model. I'm betting the reason it isn't on the K5 and new K3 series is because, like the high end Canon and nikon DSLR's, it has a very effective weather resistance. A movable screen would compromise this with the exposed joints. It is a useful feature but this series of cameras from Pentax are designed to last and project confidence in reliability to the user. My K5 certainly does.

  11. TK Imagine Studio


  12. TK Imagine Studio

    If you don't understand how the lock system works, you should not comment on it.

    The system on the K-3 gives you the best of both worlds. You can have the secure but slightly cumbersome "press down pin" behaviour that everyone uses, or completely disactivate the locking pin for faster and more convenient operation.

    It would have behoved you to mention the revolutionary on-demand AA-filter concept and many other features that make the K-3 unique.

  13. DrDebrup Chatterjee

    this video is not for the beginners but for professionals.. who knows whats going on,,

  14. It's disturbing how unhealthy she looks. Seriously, blood perfusion problem signs all over her and she looks like she's going to have a heart attack at any moment.

  15. JohnHPhotography

    She looks like she's on crack. Shit review.

  16. does this have Manual audio gain control?

  17. Stacey Carpenter

    Photographers take photos through veiw finders so we don't need tilt and swivel screens. The screen's only for looking at menus and checking histograms 🙂

  18. Articulating screens are for P&S or entry level DSLRs …garbage comment!

  19. Terrible review and terrible sour looking reviewer.
    The mode dial lock is not new ti the K-3 either.
    This review from cnet should be redone employing someone who actually knows what they are talking about.

  20. And yet another unenthusiastic and seemingly biased review that omits some of the most valuable information about the camera. I will give you this however, the weird faces were minimal and you didn't complain about the JPG quality…….

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