Pentax K-3 Hands-On Field Test

Pentax K-3 Hands-On Field Test



  1. David Lopez Photography

    After watching this, I am switching my 70D to K-3. Great crop sensor camera. Love the sharp photos the sensor produces.

  2. It's sounds too good.
    Is this true? Because this might just be the camera for me.

  3. "I just shot the deer…"
    I was just listening through headphones and got a rude shock at first.

  4. The quality for this level camera surpasses that of its competitors…would you rather work with a toy or the real thing?
    Pentax , from my observation, puts their $$ into the quality, rather than its marketing and celebrities, which btw, We Pay For…:/

  5. Samuel Derick Baroi

    would you be able to do a review for pentax k-3 ii? please

  6. I've been looking to step up my photography game and I've watched most of Chris' reviews on other cameras (The D7100 and 70D).  In watching this review, I don't hear any drawbacks to this camera.   For someone (like me) who doesn't have the budget nor the need for professional gear but still wants the ability to tell a story through the lens… this seems like the best option.  I think I'm going to help Pentax get back in the game!  🙂   Thanks for the great review!

  7. Im in Nikon (old D5000) and im thinking about going into this Pentax or into Olympus. With Pentax problem is lack of lenses in my area. Especially second hand. But i think it wouldnt be so bad. With Olympus – dof in portrait. Hm…

  8. Limon de Cantina Pobre

    did you use autofocus o manual focus and wich lense did you use.. couse penax have problems with the sharpness

  9. Would this be better as a travel camera than the Fuji X-T1

  10. I like the faux English accent and love the review.

  11. Is this better than Nikon d5500 for picture quality, colour replication, auto white balance? I like d5500 but have d3200 and auto white balance and skin tones always look to blue, green but look ok on brothers canon d550. Any thought on best camera? Need good af for kids moving, dog and horse jumping etc

  12. Man, the K3 can take some nasty punishment like it's nothing! I've had mine for over a year and it has been through mud, color powder (HoLi festival), countless rainstorms, 5-feet drops (two times; in one of them the lens literally ripped in two pieces but the camera got only a few scratches), windy tropical dunes, dusty bedrooms and a -20C snowstorm in Eastern Russia. While you can say I am not very good at taking care of my camera, this bad boy is TOUGH.

  13. Carl-Benji St-Hilaire

    hello guys, I just want to say thanks for the video, really good. I wish to have a Pentax k3 mark ii video's coming soon for us. Thanks a lot. Good work.

  14. Just bought and returned a Pentax K-S2… The white balance was abysmal. I wonder if the K3 is better since its their flagship body? Truthfully though, the shots of the deer in this video didn't convince me that it's much better. :/ 

  15. Holy crap!! that thing shoots fast. going to upgrade from a k20d.  It's a pretty big jump.

  16. Darris B. Nelson

    I've had my K-3 a bit over a year and love it. It is my daily beach companion in all weather. It been an amazing tool. I made the right choice. I shoot RAW 100% and really happy with my shots. In ultra low light or low contrast circumstances I use manual focus.  The price has dropped considerably and is a great deal.

  17. Gabriele Cripezzi

    I would by a K-3 even if it didn't have AF. This new generation of "photographers" always looking for the easy thing… EZ EZ EZ… American culture… moron proof, easy here easy there… Are you a pro, mening you get payed to deliver images regardless of how challenging the real photograph experience is? Ok, buy a full frame. Are you BETTER than PRO, as you like the challenge with the subject/framing/telling a story, chasing your focus with your left hand…? Then a K-50 or 30 will do the job. Settings control, in-camera SR, fast as hell and A BEAUTIFUL and SOLID PIECE OF CAMERA in your hand, tough looking, not pussy Canon looking… all those round curves, soft and tender for the boys reaised by all those sweetie, honey, etc! ok enough.

  18. Gabriele Cripezzi

    Best K-3 review in Youtube

  19. Hi Chris, I didn't hear anything about the missing auto-focus in video mode. I'm a current pentax owner and was disappointed that they would put out a camera where you have to keep pressing the AF button.

  20. you should start upload 60fps it looks insane

  21. I’ve just purchased a K3 II… a wonderful camera. I love the menus, colors, customization, etc.
    The cons so far are:
    – The location of the button for taking the lens out isn’t comfortable
    – No dedicated buttons for focus points selection
    – Flu-Card wi-fi feature, only accepts JPG files! and offers no rotation of images when camera is in portrait position (at least I haven’t discovered it yet)

    Other than that, the K3 II is excellent!

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