Pentax 645Z Hands-On Field Test With Deluxe Design Group

Pentax 645Z Hands-On Field Test With Deluxe Design Group



  1. Hove the mouse over 16:49 and click repeatedly to drive yourself mad. If I was the director it would have an immediate "CUT. NO LIP SMACKS. AGAIN!"

  2. ASH Cinema Industries

    wonderful review guys, you really did a lot of effort on this

  3. Willing to bet the d810 with an Otus is easily comparable, the 21mm you have on there doesn't really resolve 36mp

  4. what $8,496.95 i think Sony A7s I prapared to buy, 400+ ISO its crazy!

  5. Great Review! That took a lot of work and effort. It is appreciated.

  6. that "new" feature of focusing with live view was on the Pentax K20D from 2008. Granted, it was nearly unusable back then due to the bad screen and resolution of the magnification.

  7. Excellent review, guys! I can't stop loving this camera. 

  8. I see the movie as white and gold

  9. Jitrayut Chunnabhata

    Thanks for this good review. It's very informative and should be very useful for lots of people.

  10. I currently have a 645D that I purchased two years ago, but then, due to injuries, never used it. I'm better now and plan to start shooting again. What reasons, if any, would there be for me to trade my D in for a Z? Sensor? other issues? I don't shoot much video. Does this camera have wifi?

  11. Just a relief to not see these guys in some frozen frostbitten arctic wasteland. It's so painful to see. I guess Canada gets a summer too. Awesome camera.

  12. pentax 645z or canon 5ds? Tell me why Pentax? 

  13. There seem to be a lot of FIRSTS peppered around in this review. (Video, LV, SR, 3 FPS, …..)
    The company has acknowledged that they underestimated demand for this camera surpassing Ricoh's projections, they're still struggling to churn these babies fast enough and fulfill their orders. But that's just the pros realizing the insane performance/cost this hardware delivers (better than the $28,000 MF equivalents from Hassy and the likes)

    For the rest of us mortals, get the D800/8100 with the Otus and Distagons (reaching combo costs close to or equal tothe 645z) and TRY to keep up….

  14. Might as well throw my D750 in the garbage now.

  15. Wow, what a review

  16. This has to be one of the few reviews I've actually enjoyed!

  17. you did an excellent job there reviewing this camera, I hope Pentax give us some good surprises in the coming future. Keep it up people!

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