Panasonic’s Lumix FZ1000 might have you ditching your dSLR

Panasonic’s Lumix FZ1000 might have you ditching your dSLR


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  1. Hi I have some questions for anyone that can help. I am thinking about getting this camera for my YouTube channel and I want to check if it would be fine for everything I am about to list.

    As I said I would use it for 4k YouTube and the quality if fine. I would be filming mostly me talking, maybe with other people. There will be times I talk and around me will be a detailed set. I will film hardly any sports if any with it. The zoom would not be used much but it would be good if it had a quick focus when zoomed in but it's not needed. In terms of still images I wouldn't be doing too much but I will still be doing some and it would be great if it focuses on every detail and I can choose whether it focuses in the back or fore ground. A feature that is nice but not needed is wifi and Bluetooth. Also how long would you say it would be till it gets out of date?

    The final thing I want to know is: does the camera make much noise when filming. My current camera makes quite a loud focusing noise and that is one of the main reasons why I'm thinking of another camera. Thanks for reading and if you know any answer please leave a reply. Thanks

  2. Parece que hay quien le molesta que una camara "no dslr" sea buena y asequible.
    Es obvio que la Lumix FZ1000 es una gran camara.

  3. It's an amazing all around camera. I use it when I don't want to lug around my Sony A6000 with a bunch of lenses. So easy to use one camera, one lens with that zoom range. IQ is really good, except in really low light.

  4. The Dead Immortal

    lol what

    you can get better performing mirrorless cameras at a cheaper price lmfao

  5. What happened to the girl who usually does the Camera reviews? Rarely saw her in the last year, only once so far.

  6. I'd ditch my mirrorless camera for a bridge camera when the bridge camera has a 24-120 F1.4 lens, clean iso up to at least 6400, 5 axis IS for still and movie, stereo audio, a hot shoe, mic jack, tilt/twist/flip touch lcd screen and fast accurate focus. I'd pay $2000 maybe $3000 for that camera lol. Who's with me? 

  7. Still will Suck Because it is Not DSLR Camera

  8. matthew Cardinal

    You won't be disappointed in this camera, you can get an 8 megapixel photo from 4K video, nice at 8×10 print. also the izoom with a tripod will give you up to 1600mm, whilst the photos aren't great good enough again for 8×10 print  what DSLR does that.

  9. Ripoff, especially with the crappy 1 inch sensor.
    For the price, you can get a APS-c camera such as the nikon d5500 which is a similar size, but far better image quality, dynamic range, and high ISO performance, with better auto focus, and better video quality. You pretty much lose all fine detail after you go above 400ISO, thus you will likely not get good use indoors
     Never spend more than $250 for a 1 inch sensor camera.

  10. Mavis_Vermillion Fairy Tail

    Panasonic's Lumix FZ1000 might have you ditching … :

  11. Jannisse Pacheco

    Looks pretty nice but the only thing I don't like is the saturation of the colors.

  12. This looks like a winner for me! Ill take a look at it later

  13. This is a very complete camera for the price!

  14. $800, no thanks.

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