Panasonic Lumix P&S “beats” DSLR

Panasonic Lumix P&S “beats” DSLR



  1. The difference between a pro-photographer and someone with ego problem or size obsession is that, the former is not disturbed by the basic statement that the best camera is the one that is ready to shoot when you need it. The ad does not state anything further. It does not claim Lumix ZS is overall better than a DSLR.
    Photography is about timing, frame, composition (ie the photographer) . Camera is only the instrument.

  2. if it can beat any dslr at ISO 6400 I'll trash my dSLR

  3. haha, azért csak reklámnak jó – igaznak nem feltétlenül igaz. Panasonic Lumix P&S "beats" DSLR

  4. Would of pushed them down the canyon for ruining the shot with their noysiness and cockyness.

  5. Wow! Pro photographers take ourselves way too seriously. It's funny. How 'bout we all stop worrying what others think of our profession (which isn't exactly rocket science) and just concentrate on creating beautiful images. People can tell the difference pros & amateurs.

    And if some guy with no education and a cheap camera is a threat to your livelihood & reputation you're a crappy photographer.

  6. This commercial is just LOW! Basically saying F U pro photojournalist i have a point and shoot. Whats the point in going to school anymore….cause anyone can be a photographer according to this commercial. Panasonic is this really the only way you can think to advertise? Your cutting on the field that your product is in. STUPID!

  7. I always see so many people with a Lumix at pro sporting events and out shooting birds in flight. lol

  8. I'll dump my DSLR for this if it has 102,400 ISO,


  9. Ahh the Lumix is the answer to all my problems! I'm gonna sell all my DSLR gear and get one of these instead… oh wait…

  10. Funny as hell and I'm a professional! 🙂

  11. hate this commerical

  12. First off… a "PRO" using a DSLR would have the correct lens and tripod already mounted and ready to go. Secondly, I'd LOVE to see a comparison shown between the shot a Lumix and DSLR would get with the correct telephoto lens. The title of this post would have to change to… well, you can fit the lumix in your pocket anyway… I hate B.S. marketing.

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