Panasonic GH4 vs Sony A7s Review – 4k vs ISO

Panasonic GH4 vs Sony A7s Review – 4k vs ISO

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  1. Randall Donadio (Crookid)

    Do you still recommend this over a year later? I got the Sigma already and just sold my DSLR stuff. Was going to with the GH4 with speedbooster and Sigma.

  2. Thanks Dan!

  3. Agnostos Gnostos

    What I dislike with the Sony a7 series full frame mirrorless cameras is the lack of a full frame FE pancake lens.

    If Sony wants a real small and light full frame mirrorless camera, it shouldn't have neglected the pretense of FE pancake lens.

    The Sony APS-C crop frame mirrorless cameras have two pancake lenses. The SEL16F28 and the more expensive and sharper SEL20F28. Both are compatible with Sony a7 but in crop mode which delivers 2.4 times less resolution and sharpness.

    Sony A7 series has 6 models and only 11 FE full frame lenses. Five of the eleven lenses are the expensive Zeiss ones, which have similar focal lengths with the native Sony ones.
    So the real variety is smaller.

    Sony has a bigger number APS-C lenses which can be used with Sony a7 series. Nevertheless the quality is by far worst.

  4. Don't trust this guy! He's subjective about the GH4 and disadvantages the A7s.
    Fact is, that the A7s has about 14 stops of dynamic range which is as much as an ARRI ALEXA has. Also it hat a much sharper sensor and also don't needs any speedbooster. Maybe a adaptor if you want to usa som EF or other glass but nothing more. Also the native lenses of the GH4 are not compatible to any other camera with a sensor larger than MFT.

  5. LOL @ your comment about being able to usie large apertures on the GH4 to lower ISO. The A7S gives you the flexibility to use a smaller aperture to have a larger depth of field so you aren't forced to use a razor thin DOF. When you add external recording you can record 4K on the A7S. Are you able to add anything to the GH4 to increase low light performance on the GH4? No.. As long as you're willing to record externally the A7S gives you the most flexibility.

  6. sony a7rii vs panasonic gh4 please

  7. I'm interested in the GH4 but I'm wondering whether it will be suited to film indoors for Real Estate videos? I normally film with curtains open and lights on taking colour casts into mind.

  8. Philipp Rückert

    To me the colors of the Panasonic GH 4 are looking more natural, while the colors shown in the images of the Sony A 7S are looking grayish and kind of faded even.

    Can you tell me why the color results are so different?

  9. Hi could you give some help to let me know which camera could be better for me?i am beginner videographer and i wanna good low light quality

  10. You never mentioned the price forthe metabones adapter that should be used for GH4 to be able shoot wider and use different lenses

  11. This is a very biased review. Your comparisons are just annoying and very illegitimate. If this was "why you should choose the gh4 over the a7s," that would make more sense.

  12. Thank you for an awesome review! I just got my GH4 recently and I have to say I am still not very satisfied with the video quality especially at low light situations. I shot an event with very low light, but still available to shoot at F2.8 ISO 400, sometimes ISO 800 and at ISO 800 the footage is very very grainy, almost unusable… Can I ask what program do you use for noise reduction? I edit in FCP7..Thanks!

  13. Motion Productions

    Question: What camera / lens are you shooting with for your uploads. Very impressive for youtube. They are very clear at 480P. Can you please give some insight on what you are doing?

  14. NX1 is better than the both of this

  15. No lens of any brand can beat a record like this S7: 409600 !!!!

  16. nice review mate, but not enough sample footage imo …

  17. Amazing review man, I've been watching comparisons of these two cameras for hours, and yeah the a7s got this amazing dynamics and genius ISO Quality, but the fact that the GH4 is a lot cheaper, offers 4k, and got a huge range of usable lenses makes me wanna buy the Panasonic. I think this video sums it up. Thanks.

  18. mft= less light .  F2.8 in MFT is actually 5.6.  GH4 is a awesome for video but just average for photos. The sony camera can be perform great in both aspects.  Until those sub 1.0 lens are proven to work, no MFT will be in my bag 

  19. About grip… reminds me of the old Minolta DSLR's [before digital –
    Sony bought Minolta after they went digital.] I had no issue with it, and women may find it [Sony] easier to work with. Also, you can use your Minolta glass with Sony. ;)

  20. Great review! I just love that low light on the Sony but Panasonic is winning with that internal 4k. I'm still on the fence! Suggestions are welcomed :)

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