Panasonic GH4 vs G7 Video Review

Panasonic GH4 vs G7 Video Review



  1. I now have every intention of purchasing a G7 and consider your guide a necessity. Does it suggest a reasonably priced Ultra Wide Angle I can use for video. I currently shoot stills with a 7D and 10-22 lens (16-35).
    I really enjoy your videos .

  2. What do you think about GX8, it seems very similar to G7 and GH4 ? Would you recommend it over the G7 for travelling ?

    By the way I just bought your G7 guide, it's really awesome I highly recommend it to anyone who has a G7, it's very helpful.

  3. Brilliant review as always. Very well detailed and covering all the important topics most people care about. However I missed 10:45 at the conclusion portion of the video.


  4. super informative and clear explanation! thank you

  5. Thanks for the review, I've been eyeing the G7 recently. It's now below $600.

  6. lupinearsenalALT

    Canon officially lost the war with DSLR videography. They aren't even bothering to slap on a 4K sensor.

    M4/3 is the future of short film.

  7. But isn't comparing the GH4 to a G7 like comparing who flies a plane better – a man or baby?

  8. Joe Santos Garcia

    YOUR A FUKKIN IDIOT YOU CHARGING $20 for a video review on a G7 with a few extra tips on cheap lenses… which everyone does for free.. wtf… waste of money

  9. andy khwairakpam

    speed booster is more costly than g7 camera. get a canon rebel and magic lantern which is free and you can shoot hrd video, ml raw and lots more which panasonic cant…

  10. love your review. Do you have a comment about the dynamic range on these cameras? I'm considering it for aerial work but when you pan up from the ground to the sky, sometimes my canon can wash out.

  11. did u get any ND Filter sets for your GH4. and what do u think about them. btw, i'm in shopping to looking for it but none of the GH4 owner talk about it. if u do owned a nd filter sets for GH4 then please help. thanks

  12. Great overview. Thanks!!

  13. hi, i just wanna ask, i have panasonic g7, however i want to buy a lens from canon, can i fit in to my g7? i need an adapter , so where should i buy, and what is the name of the adapter?? thank you please answer :)

  14. PLEASE ANSWER: Would the G7 be a good alternative to the GH4? Im upgrading from a GH2 and have looked at the GH4, but its a little too pricy

  15. Bought your g7 vid and have watched it up to audio section. Was wondering if you were going to mention using a cell phone, but one thing that might be worth mentioning, though l likely not good for sales of everything else you mentioned, is to just use a computer. Course a regular mixing board would be another solution (or both for even more options). Have yet to use the Panasonic image app, but it seems I read that it will preview steaming vid (and I assume audio).
    Just ordered 3 of the g7, so just some thoughts before hand they get here.

  16. What speed booster is he talking about? Please don't tell me it's the Metabones one :s
    If it is, does anyone have an alternative for that? I'm saving my lunch money for this camera already! >:D

  17. For black Friday since everything is going on sale. You recommend getting the 14-42 lens but buying the alternative lens? What are those so I can hurry and get them while it's on sale and the adaptor? (btw putting this on my Christmas list so lol I'm not paying for these so I'm trying to find the ones better for the buck)

  18. Wonderful Madness

    2 minute ad for your guide, really? Why would I keep watching?

  19. Thanks for NOT adding any "music" crap to distract from your presentation.

  20. Hello,
    Thank you for this interesting review. Do you know if there is an audio level monitor when a non Panasonic external mic is plugged in ?

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