Panasonic GH4 vs Canon 70D

Panasonic GH4 vs Canon 70D



  1. hm…. i like more 70d coz color and auto-focus :(

  2. whats your opinion between the 80d and the gh4r.

    whats better for video

    thank you

  3. panasonic is the best of all!))

  4. Nael Radi مقامات‎

    That was so helpfull. Thnx for ur time.

  5. All the noise on the gh4 in low light kills me. I bought the 80d, i like it a lot for a secondary camera. i'm interested in seeing the gh5. or some full frame canon cameras that are compatible with my 5d mark iii that has a (swivel screen) lol and great autofocusing during videos. I definitely have a lot more to learn to make the right choices. thanks for the video.

  6. I hope Panasonic will come out GH5 to capture 6K video, and GH6 to capture 8K video in 2016.

  7. What intro music?

  8. Peter Kononovich Sahaidachny

    Canon no sharpness, soap

  9. Guys, I just can't decide between the Canon 80D, Panasonic GH4 and Panasonic G7.
    I'll mainly do vlogs and photography.
    What should I choose?

  10. I shot with the 70D (videography) for a season and now have the GH4… The GH4 is the better camera, at least for videographers. With the GH5 coming B&H has them for right above a grand right now. The auto focus on the GH4 also blows the 70D away. If you have any questions on both let me know, they are both good cameras for entry level photographer/videographer. The GH4 in my opinion is just a better camera.


    April April :D

  12. Scheiß Deusche Gesetzte XD

    Immer diese SPIELverderber

  13. is slow-motion enabled in the cameras or do you do it on an editing software?

  14. Tourism Experience

    Hi! First of all I want to tell u that yours videos ar amazing, I use to see many of them. On a second place I want to know one thing… I have a Canon 70d (it´s a good camera, good quality) but I want to by a second one just to do slow motion (for snowboardin. I realy want to do a profesional one). Do u think the GH4 would work? And do you think a ring adaptor would be a good idea so I can use my canon lenses into the GH4?
    Thank u so much and keep it working like u do.
    Greetings from Argentina!!

  15. this video is out of date dudes

  16. I have a gh4. Love it! I'm hoping that since the canon 80D is out the 70D will get cheaper so I can buy one and use it more for photography and keep my gh4 for video!

  17. Hi,

    I run a recipe page and am interested in upgrading to a professional DSLR camera for top quality photos to use alongside my recipes (at the moment I rely on my Samsung S6 Edge phone for photos) but I'm also interested in expanding in my field by uploading youtube videos too. So I really need a camera that has the ability to give me professional photos as well as film me while cooking in the kitchen. I need WiFi connectability as I upload most things to other social media sites, I'd like your professional opinion on what camera you think would suit me? Originally I was thinking of buying the Canon 70D as I know many people here on YouTube use this and the reviews are great but then I came across the Panasonic GH4 and thought that was even better because of how compact it is and the WiFi capabilities but when it comes to actual photos I'm not impressed and am actually disheartened. Also the fact that it loses focus so easily and can't keep up means I'm doubting whether I should go for the Panasonic GH4. Now I'm just not sure which one to go for, please help! 😕 Thanks in advance.

  18. Dr.Oscar Lourenco

    hey i am interested in the cannon 700d and the lumix gh5 which is better overall

  19. After making of all these features.! Why does GH4 is bad on AF :(

  20. Cinelike is supposed to be pronounced as "Cine" in "Cinema" perhaps? Great video as always btw.

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