Panasonic GH4 Video Review

Panasonic GH4 Video Review


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  1. This is one of the most well made videos I've ever seen on YouTube. Thanks

  2. Julian Zakrzewski

    You mentioned that you recommend shooting everything in 4K then downscaling it. I definitely see how that gives you more detail, but what if you plan on doing a fair bit of grading? Wouldn't 1080p at 200 mbps give you more flexibility?

  3. 2 out of 3 bars isn't a good metric to judge battery life.

  4. auto-focus?

  5. Amazing Review 
    Just bought the GH4 !!

  6. Omobolaji Opakunbi

    Could you please give details of the rig you used? Especially with the GH4 with the mattebox. Thanks.

  7. Great review!!

  8. great review. ..thx

  9. I love this camera, especially with the Metbones for 35mm glass.  Here is a quick test I did with a Canon 24-105mm L series lens.


  10. NationsCapitolMedia

    Caleb–  Thanks for the review.  One little correction though–  the Voightlander OPENS UP  to .95, it does not GO DOWN to that number.  When you are talking f-stops, the higher number is DOWN, and the lower number is UP.  That is because f-stop is a ratio, and that makes the smaller numbers larger openings. That lens goes DOWN to f16.

  11. +DSLR Video Shooter have you put out the indepth look of the gh4 yet? I'm about to pick one up after this tutorial and I'd love to learn more!

  12. PuehringerMedia Film & Music

    here some footage i shot with the panasonic gh4: 


  13. Awesome camera.  Panasonic actually cares and not trying to rip off customers like Canon.  Canon doesn't even have clean HDMI out on any of the crop sensor cameras.  They just don't give a sh!t anymore.

  14. Hey could you put a link to the speed booster in the description or something. Really looking to getting it if I plan on getting the GH4. Thanks.

  15. How does it compare to the canon G7x?

  16. Motion Training Co.

    In regards to Final Cut Pro X, when you import the videos from this camera do you create proxy files and Optimized Media? or just Proxy Files? Im getting some hiccups with it!!! Im using macbook pro by the way. Your help is appreciated!

  17. Thank you for this video! Glorious. Flawless narration and presentation.

  18. it comes with dubstep too

  19. Patrick Anderson

    Great content. I hate the house music in the cut scenes though. I'm glad you went in depth on the lens options.

  20. Hey man. I have a Nikon D90 – just wondering if the DX lenses I have will work for the GH4?

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