Panasonic GH4 Hands-on Review

Panasonic GH4 Hands-on Review



  1. do you have a Barry directory of videos he's in

  2. So the airsoft guns are:
    Tokyo Marui Spas-12
    KWA Kriss Vector

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  4. Where do I buy that shotgun?

  5. wat is the diffrent between the us model and the import model is there a diffrent???

  6. I'm looking into getting a gh4 and I'm trying to decide what equipment to get with it. I'm going to be doing mostly video. I'm not sure if I'm going to shoot in 4K but I like the option. I'm probably going to get one lens just to start out. Let me know if you have suggestions of what I'd need! Equipment + lenses. (Also not trying to break the bank)

  7. Hahahaha…Did he really just say "gay exchange my ass"? :)

  8. Is it worth getting to do Video Blogs now that the price has gone down?

  9. You basically told us nothing

  10. Pasquale Romanzi

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  11. So I'm ordering a GH4…I am selling my Nikon but I have a Nikor 17-55mm AF-s 2.8G ED . Would Speedbooster or another adapter connect that nikon lens to Lumix GH4?

    Does the Sigma Lens need a speedboster to attach to the GH4 or is there a cheaper alternative adapter I can use until I have the money. I love the lens?

  12. That scouse accent hahahahahahaha

  13. don't understand shit what the assistant says!!!

  14. Dg Customtshirts

    how can I find the guns you are using? great video by the way

  15. Lokinder Kanwar

    Please also review Panasonic G7

  16. Isn't is video oriented? Not orientated? :p

  17. Can you take pictures with that??

  18. what was THIS video shot with???

  19. How To Make Sushi

    dunno if this is what I need for 4k shooting…

  20. Great Panasonic GH4 camera review guys. I always enjoy your review. I bought the Panasonic GH4 camera and I love it :-)

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