Panasonic GH3 Video Cage External Battery w/ P&C GearBox GB-2 DSLR Video Cage

Panasonic GH3 Video Cage External Battery w/ P&C GearBox GB-2 DSLR Video Cage



  1. Des Chew (GoOwl Travel)

    Mr Cheese, my external power bank only supplies 5V 0.5A/1A output. Will that be sufficient to power/charge the internal battery inside the GH3/G6(I intend to use)?

  2. heyitsablackguy

    Not bad at all.  I seen one by CPM, but this looks viable.

  3. can you access the battery on a G6?

  4. The Tekkeon has many voltage settings. With the right type of adapter it can power up many different products. I have used this battery and created my own DIY connectors to power my GH3, Canon DSLRs, LED lights, Portable audio recorders, and even the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

    Not to mention it can power my MacBook Air laptop, and has USB out to recharge all my devices when traveling. These are great batteries.

  5. does that tekkeon battery works other cameras? I have this cage but never mount my GH3 on it, I use it for the T3i.

  6. Waldough Trilla

    Yea your right. 7.5kg should be enough support yes? Thanks for everything Mr.cheese

  7. You can always try and if get creative on how you might need to add more weights. Part of the fun.

  8. Waldough Trilla

    Wow that's crazy I didn't know that. I've only balanced the camera alone (lumix gh3). But my lumix g6 weighs like a pound and my stabilizer supports 1-7.5kg I just want to be able to add a small light zoom h1 and external battery

  9. If you add extra weight, your stabilizer needs to 'counter' that weight. A little weight goes a long way. It's like putting a 3 pound camera at the end of a jib, yet you end up needing 20 pounds of counterbalance. If you add a few ounces to the top, you end up adding pounds at the bottom of some stabilizers. Can your specific stabilizer handle the additional few ounces? I'm advising that it probably won't.

  10. Waldough Trilla

    What is the problem with the extra weight exactly. I'm a rookie sorry.

  11. According to the specs on a website 15.9 oz (450.7g)

  12. Waldough Trilla

    How heavy is that battery?

  13. The Fhugen Honu cage is lightweight, it might balance, but the problem is still the weight of the battery.

  14. Waldough Trilla

    What if i used the honu cage?

  15. I doubt it will balance correctly.

  16. Waldough Trilla

    Ive mostly been using my monocam cf and Im not sure putting the batteries on the bottom would work the same as the glidecam. Would putting this cage and battery combo on top balance correctly? Or should I just stick to reg batteries

  17. I have used batteries at the bottom of my Glidecam in place of weights. I guess something could be made to do the same.

  18. Waldough Trilla

    Hello Mr. Cheesycam, do you recommend putting this on a glidecam?

  19. What is the name of the type of cable that connects to your DC out of the Tekkeon battery and connects to the coupler?

  20. Hi MrCheesyCam,

    I planning go on trekking @ himachal pradesh soon.. fingers crossed.
    And i have a Panasonic HX-WA10 waterproof camcoder..
    Which do you think is gona be good body mount; for trekking and water theme park use?

    I found one called Intova Camera Chest Mount, not sure.. i need your expert opinion.

    Awaiting reply.


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