Panasonic GH2 touch screen rack focus – dSLR workflow

Panasonic GH2 touch screen rack focus – dSLR workflow



  1. No you can't unfortunately. Am interested to see how the GH3 performs with focus.

  2. can you set the speed for the focus so it's slower/smoother?

  3. @wonderwall135 we agree – it's a step in the right direction but certainly not useful for videography – searches too much – bounce in bounce out…

  4. the focus is too unnatural and still too slow for doc work or sports.

  5. @TheCoveShorts Yes it works in 24p cinema mode – just make sure you have AFC selected instead of AFS. Seems not to work on AFS. Yeah it's really hard to record using continuous autofocus. We now only use manual focus for our work. After a bit of practice you get very fast and accurate and you'll never go back to autofocus. It's worth the initial investment in practice!

  6. does this work in the 24p cinema mode? I have it working in the 720p mode but when i switch to the 24p mode i cant use the touch screen to focus and pushing the shutter button halfway down only works when it is not recording.

    also, when i push the record button halfway down to focus, then go to hit record, it refocuses and messes up what I wanted focused. How do you hit record without it refocusing

  7. @BananaManaTV Does the GH2 have variable frame ratess?

  8. @SpacedCowboyFromHell You're welcome!

  9. @capskie To be honest it's a little inaccurate sometimes but the more we use the GH2 the less we use these auto functions. We only ever do manual focussing nowadays. Once you get used to it you'll never go back to rely on the camera to focus for you. On our professional jobs we never use auto anything. Manual all the way.

  10. @ricland Sorry – we don't do it on purpose to frustrate people – sometimes we're doing these videos so quickly we forget what people do and don't know. Please be patient with us. Rack focus simply means pulling focus from one subject to another. It's a term used in film making.

  11. @bearwithgun14 You'll be very happy with the GH2. It will give you a lot more freedom and will grow with your film making. HMC150 will require more light and cannot change lenses. If you want a more filmic look – the GH2 is your best bet.

  12. I want to make an indie film. Should I buy this camera or the Panasonic HMC150?

  13. That's the second or third time you did an instructional video where you don't explain your terms.

    Do you do that to frustrate people?

    What does "rack focus" mean?

  14. @capskie The distance does matter. Although it's the speed that we like. If all else fails you can always go to manual focus which is what we are tending to do more and more.

  15. good demo! I've notice when you using rack focus, the auto focus is not directly stop on the destination object. It looks like it still searching for the the right focus then it stopped. do you see what I mean. It happen also with my GH2 with 14-140 lens. But I've seen other demo using 14-45 lens, the rack focus is like directly focused on the destination object. Is it always like that or maybe distance of each object really matter? thanks

  16. SpacedCowboyFromHell

    Great! Thanks!!

  17. @schwammli We used our hacked GH1 hooked into a JuicedLink to monitor the audio. The GH1 is still a really great camera. It's so easy to get caught up in the race for the newest best piece of equipment, but we constantly tell ourselves to slow down and really tap the potential out of the equipment that we already have.

  18. @MrJonnyKilljoy – it's resistive. So not as easy to use as ipad or iphone – for flicking through photos – but cause most of the focusing and menus you would use it for involves a kind of push touch – it works well. Resistive is good for a bit of pressure but not so good for swiping.

  19. is that touch screen resistive or capacitive?

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