Panasonic GH2 manual focus assist – rack focus – dSLR workflow

Panasonic GH2 manual focus assist – rack focus – dSLR workflow



  1. Can you use the magnify focus assist work during recording as well (with manual focus lenses)?

  2. I really like your videos. Why not put a piece of tape along the bottom of screen to mark focus points?

  3. @whole27 It's by Sony – FS100. It's supposed to be pretty good for the price.

  4. @BananaManaTV apparently there are more than 1 FS-100's so which brand did you mena? Sony, Canon?

  5. @whole27 Then I think you should be looking at camcorders. dSLRs are very good at lots of things and what people like them for is the short DOF and generally bigger sensor. If you're doing more docu stuff and require greater focus and auto focus – then definitely get a camcorder. Which one will largely depend on your budget. The FS100 is supposed to be excellent!

  6. @BananaManaTV I want the best of the best for VIDEO, don't care for pics at all. But these DSLR's are so terrible with AF, no AF at all for video mode…why is that? Why are they just now improving on that? Camcorders are so great at all, auto and perfect.

    I don't like the short DOF shots at all, i think they look cheap. I want everything in focus!

    But i want the best HD quality video too on top of the AF for a big project i got coming up so what would you recommend?

  7. @TheSara90 They can be used on any GH2 or even Gh1 I believe…

  8. @BananaManaTV will those lenses be applaied to this GH2 model, or to the newer version?

  9. @BananaManaTV Thank you very much 🙂 What does the guy above mean? He talked about turning a button off and making the lens 55-160. Can I really zoom that much with a 14-42?!

  10. @samir0810 Absolutely – we use an adapter with a Nikon 50mm lens. This little film we made was mostly shot on the Nikon lens with an adapter: Matrix Parody Part 2 – BananaMana Films.

  11. @Tallaias You definitely CANNOT do smooth zooms – this is because of the lens. Video cameras have motorized zooms – SLR cameras don't. However, Panasonic has announced new lenses they call "X" lenses. They should be out end of the year. These have motorized zooms!! Should be pretty cool – and should solve this problem while still allowing us to get the depth of field we love from dSLRs.

  12. ive heard some bad things about being able to get smooth zooms on this camera in video mode. what are your thoughts on this?

  13. @BananaManaTV right, more practice!

  14. @hamletcat2009 Thanks for the hint 🙂

  15. @samir0810 Good idea – we actually really like the 14-42 lens – it's cheap and works great for video AND it's incredibly light. Don't forget to use the ex-tele mode. I program one of the function buttons to turn it on and off easily and then your 14-42 becomes a 28-84 lens (equivalent of 55-160)

  16. @BananaManaTV Thanks. I guess I'm buying a 14-42 kit and then using my old 55-200 Nikkor for scenes that require zooming.

  17. @dereknobuyuki Actually after using the gh2 a lot I'm so used to manual focus using just sight that I don't think I'll ever really use the gauge. I never even use auto focus anymore – you just get used to fast manual focusing – just takes a little practice.

  18. @samir0810 No – touch screen rack focus will only work with panasonic lenses. Kit lens 14-140, 14-42 and the pancake.

  19. @BananaManaTV I wondered if this worked if I used a ring adapter and a Nikkor lens. Please answer!

  20. @dereknobuyuki Actually after using the GH2 alot we find that the viewfinder is the best way to focus. We use the viewfinder and manual focusing almost all the time now. Compared to other cameras (even some video cameras out there) the viewfinder has enough definition to do really fine focusing. The more I practice the faster and more accurate I get. I almost never use auto focus now. So although I thought I'd be using the gauge for rack focusing – in practice – I don't – I just do it manually.

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