Panasonic G7 Video Guide

Panasonic G7 Video Guide


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  1. I'm sorry but the group you say you're targeting is generally NOT gonna want to pay $18 for a video…

  2. Mohammad Ridwan

    hai caleb…will u give some advice of which one do you prefer to shot documentary with lumix G7 or bmpcc?

  3. So not really a guide… but a sales pitch… good one…

  4. Bebbcorp Harpery

    I bought a g7 and have had horrible luck with it so far. I cannot figure out if it something that I am doing wrong, or if it is just a defective camera. The autofocus constantly hunts in and out and near the end of every video I shoot on it goes completely out of focus ruining the end off everything I shoot on it. I have noticed even in 4k video, the picture quality is not nearly as sharp as my iPhone 6. All the research I did before buying the camera told me that this should be a great camera. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  5. damn you

  6. aagh the tutorial is like 25.98 and i have pretty much exactly 25 dollars at the moment lol

  7. Do you talk about what lenses you use for the g7 not necessarily budget lenses in the guide? Thanks!

  8. Hi Caleb
    Roxsen speed boosters are out of stock in ebay. Can you take a look at this alternative focal reducer for m4/3 and share your opinion :

    For me it looks exactly same as the one you recommended, but obviously it is not from Roxsen and I'm not sure about the quality.

  9. I already learned so much just from watching this video

  10. The panasonic G7 is now 500 for the 14-42 which by the way is better then the other lens

  11. Sweet!! Will be buying your guide soon

  12. Hey Caleb I am considering buying a g7 soon as my first camera of any sort. I plan to buy your guide after that along with audio and light equipment. My problem is I do not have a computer strong enough to edit 4k yet and it will be a while before I can afford that. My question to you is if I can still get a lot of use out of the camera just taking stills and shooting 1080p? Thank you

  13. That is ridiculously cheap! 😀 Thanks man. Now I need a G7 first….

  14. why not just put the guide on YouTube instead of this advert your making money from hits anyway.

  15. Panasonic DSLMs on a DSLR channel.. funny! :)

  16. is the camera a multi sstem? i mean if i buy it here in europe will it play in an NTSC country? please reply,i am gonna have one if it does..

  17. The video guide was very helpful and I watch it about once a month to refresh what the points you brought up and settings as well.
    QUESTION: What 4/3 lens do you use when you video product reviews? I really would like to upgrade from the stock kit lens, 14-42, even though it is good I feel for the close ups in 4k I could benefit from a sharper lens. Im looking for something that can focus and stay sharp from 2'-1' away but not loose the width of the shot. I was even looking at some of the Cine lens to see if they would fit my needs. Thank you !!!

  18. Juan Manuel Gallardo Domínguez

    Hi guys! Thank you Caleb good job! I got a Speedbooster mount and a Canon 50mm 1.8 Fd. At first I thought the lens was broken because the camera didn't recognize the lens. Later I activated in the menu "Shoot w/o lens" and now I´m enjoying so much my purchase. Purposely, What kind of gadget are you using on top of your Canon 50mm lens?

  19. I bought your guide 1 day after getting my G7 and have a question. i was wondering if you have connected an external microphone to your g7. Im seeing that when i connect my rode videomic pro, and capture some footage, I cant hear the audio on playback, within the camera. You can hear it perfectly on the pc. If i unplug my mic, and just use the internal microphone, sounds perfectly on playback. Have you seen this? thx Mark

  20. Jins Kaduthodil

    Before buying this camera and guide, I'd really like to see the end outcome / video output so I can see if the output actually looks any good (before and after editing)

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