Panasonic G7 4k Video Test – river fun

Panasonic G7 4k Video Test – river fun



  1. I actually love this camera, I would buy one straight away if only the auto focus was better :/

  2. Eisenbieger1986

    I can get get the g7 + 12-60 mm lens for 750 Euro. I think that a good deal.

  3. Eisenbieger1986

    what lense is better for vlogs: 14-42 mm lense or 12-60mm lense?

  4. I bought it from amazon at 537 dollars with lens kit new.went next day the raise the price to 699.same camera with few in stock.tells me is a nice xamera

  5. Is this lense much bigger in size than the kit lense?

  6. bad test. no hand movement, no shaking, no panning.

  7. how much difference is there, apart from aperture, between this lens and the kit lens? worth the extra dollars?

  8. so sharp it makes you want to cry.

  9. TheGoldenVoiceGamer

    Very sharp! Awesome test video! :D

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