Panasonic Fz300, Lumenati CS1, Camera Goat, and more: DSLR FILM NOOB Podcast Ep 40

Panasonic Fz300, Lumenati CS1, Camera Goat, and more: DSLR FILM NOOB Podcast Ep 40



  1. Charles Tentindo

    does it shoot 24p??
    if it don't, I'm out

  2. JacobAlanStudios

    Make a video or a blog post about your itx build dj!

  3. This post focus feature sounds great for focus stacking in macro or architecture 

  4. Nailed It Productions

    Deejay, were you opposed to the shakey-handy style that Breaking Bad employed?

  5. ImagineVision just went to Kickstarter the other day with their 4K MFT action sorta cam!

  6. Point and shoots on their own – not so interesting.  On a pistol grip 3 axis gimbal – yes – very appealing especially if pricing trends continue.  Gopro pistol gimbals are going for around $250.  And gimbals for mirrorless/small dslrs cost around $700-1000.  How long before we'll see a $300-400 discretely sized gimbal and a capable $400-500 4k point and shoot?  That's when I'll be in the market.

  7. I sent the Lumenati article from nofilmschool to my team at work . . . best comment "fucking hipsters"

  8. love commentary tracks . . .  not all are golden but the ones that are, are awesome.

  9. I agree with the shakey cam.  I have participated in found footage type anthology projects and we decided to not remake blair witch project.

  10. Lumenati cs1 . . .  

    I like that phone case . . . sorta . . .  I don't have an iphone but I understand why it is only for iphone (it is 1 model that doesn't change too fast)

    200 kickstarter price is waaaaaaaay to much . . . I feel like after it comes out I'm sure other companies will make better cases that are cheaper

    lol vertical video syndrome . . . so tired of people doing that

    I also I don't think they were smart with the names . . . cs  in video would is already taken . .. like high profile taken  . . . and I believe Lumenati is taken too  or just sounds way to much like ilumenti . .. maybe I'm just thinking to much

  11. wish this streamed live on youtube . . . .  If it does it doesn't show up in my subs till after it is done

  12. I've made the switch to PC from Mac….spent $1500 and built mines….it's better than a $3000 Mac Pro!!!!! With a dedicated graphics card for Premiere Pro and to play games 🙂 never going back to Mac gtx980!!!!

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