Panasonic DVX200, V-log, Speed Boosters, and more: DSLR FILM NOOB Podcast EP 42

Panasonic DVX200, V-log, Speed Boosters, and more: DSLR FILM NOOB Podcast EP 42



  1. I'm offended that you would consider editing as a regression!  ;)

  2. I noticed a lot of times you only mention the camera or the equipment you are talking about once,  since the show notes are not in the youtube description I end up scrolling back in the video to try to find what you are talking about.

    Just making a suggestion, but this is an on-going thing I would like you to work on.

    Great show as normal :)

  3. Interesting convos today fellas.  On the seg about, can you post a link to Devin's article comparing services for clients to review videos and comment?  I've been doing it the crude way posting to Google Drive and have been looking at Wipster and Frame.oi.  This could be a interesting topic for an in depth convo comparing these services.  Thanks!

  4. I'm not 100% sure but I think the mopro gives the ability to view footage in realtime while shooting in pro tune right? If you use the app it blocks it but through the hdmi it displays. It's probably 7" because like you said dee jay it's a product that didn't cost them much to modify. 

  5. Make Devin (sp?) full time co host. Difference is night and day.

  6. I think the term you were looking for to describe the DVX200 is "handheld ENG"

    And the big feature of the DVX200 is its sensor size.  Most handheld ENG camcorders have tiny sensors such as 1/3" or 1/2"

    But the 4/3 sensor in the DVX200 completely dwarfs the sensors in other camcorders. So that should give you good low-light performance and better depth-of-field compared to tiny-sensored camcorders. That's the theory anyway.

  7. What camera are you using for this live podcast?

  8. Hey guys. Wondering what your choice would be for a camera for wedding video. I'm using canon 60d and 700d. Time record limit on the 60d dose my head in so thinking of changing that camera. I'd also like a headphone jack. But I'm not mad on fiddling around with speedboosters as I heard they can be hit and miss which rules out A7s & GH4.
    Thinking second hand 5Dmkiii. 70d,or 7d.

  9. Creative Filmmaking

    Hey! Just wondering if you can help me with a field mixer under 100.00 for on location shoots. I need to plug in 2 mics in and be able to turn the volume down on each channel. 

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