Panasonic DMC-LX100 first 4k test – DSLR FILM NOOB

Panasonic DMC-LX100 first 4k test – DSLR FILM NOOB


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  1. Bob The Skateboard

    It'd be great if you made more videos like this. I don't dislike the podcast, but these short vids 3-15 minutes are what I like. You've still got a great channel though, so idno….

  2. Please do a video with some smooth slow panning shots in 4K, and with time lapse, and with still photos.  Mix it up and shoot in the good light, i.e., sunset/sunrise, twilight.  And do some night bokeh pull focus to show how good the balls are.   I've shot the LX100 and the manual focus for video is very smooth when you go slow.   Thanks.

  3. I will love to see the Lx100 4k vs G7 with ISO 800, to 3200.

  4. Looks like a perfect simple vlog camera for this kind of stuff. Very sharp, color looks good. Just shallow enough DoF to separate you from the background a bit.

  5. sounds like you don't wanna get kicked out of anywhere again for having "too nice of a camera" lol

  6. Vs the Panasonic g7?

  7. I would like to see how the lx100 cuts in post side by side with the gh4.

  8. also, how good is the dynamic range? and what videostyles are available (dedicated flat profile)? How good is the footage gradable?

  9. quality of bokeh would be nice

  10. I own it too and it creates wonderful videos!

    I am curious what is the Best Camera Profile for resolution and dynamic range – and especially how to further simplified deal with it during editing (I am not looking for high end color corrections but something like a simple always applicable adjustment layer in Premiere)?

    Also interested in: how to tame down the "breathing" AF during video. I am already using AF lock a lot. But I would like to maintain constant AF also during video.

  11. I feel like the optimum max ISO is around ISO1250. So it's not a great lowlight machine, but then again, most M43/APS-C cameras get iffy around ISO3200/6400. Still though, it's a great little hybrid camera for around the house and daily use as well as a complimentary camera to the GH4. The image out of it with the fine lens in front is actually pretty darn nice. You just have to realize that this isn't your standard hybrid shooter with the photography minded styling and layout. Also stuff like no audio interface and SD card slot co-located at the battery compartment and lack of vari-angle (touch)screen, it's not the ideal setup to shoot video with. That said, again, the image quality in the end is still pretty top notch and especially using it as a 2nd camera, it's kinda all you could ask for.

  12. overheating. Moarae. focus speed. features like Wi-Fi, NFC, touchscreen. battery life.

  13. Please test 1 – headshot interview situation with the lowest dof possible – Test 2 moire and aliasing on wide shots…

  14. hi from denver!!

  15. i want to see the best setting for CAF when making vlog
    and best wide angle adapter for this camera…. … thanks

  16. Check video quality when panning. Check "usable" high ISO, see if it can "see in the dark".


  17. i've owned it for a bit. it's brilliant. don't review it.

  18. autofocus tests? lowlight/iso noise?

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