Panasonic AG-AF100 more details from IBC – say goodbye to your DSLR

Panasonic AG-AF100 more details from IBC – say goodbye to your DSLR



  1. Instead of obsessing over the size of your penis…I mean sensor, film something! Everything else is techie boasting. Here's a clue. As long as you don't SUCK you can shoot a competitive theatrical release on a Red Scarlet, One, or Epic, 5DMKII, MKIII, 1D, Canon C500, C300, C100, Panasonic AF100, HVX200A, DVX100, hell…even a GH2 or T2i. Light it well, color grade at a cinematic aspect ratio, add grain (60%), Saturate at 70% to 80% and let the story do it's job. DAMN!

  2. @eyepatchentertainmen do you have a link explaining? Or is it, perhaps, so straight forward that you can explain it to me on youtube?

  3. whats the situation with the zoom control? if there aint zoom control i aint interested..

  4. I don't get it… am I missing something here ?

    4/3 inch = 33.3mm. isn't it almost equiv. to 35mm ?

  5. @vicoughetto Not always true Phillip Bloom tested the GH2 and said the low light is very good. Every year the chips get better.

    So this year the GH2 seems just as good as the Canon 5D Mark 2 but the GH1 sucked in low light and the GH1 and GH2 CMOS chips are about the same size. I think the GH2 is a little bigger.

    And Canon will also have a better chip as well that is Full Frame and low the Canon 5D Mark 2 of to day out of the water soon.

  6. What about the rolling shutter issue? Barry Green doesn't mention anything about it. It's still a CMOS sensor, so you probably still have the jelly effect, no?

  7. I advise to make a documentary:the Ag-af 100 or the PMW Ex-1R?.thanks

  8. haha if chins could kill. Awesome.

  9. What about Focus ? Auto ?

  10. @vicoughetto the only camera that films in 35mm full frame is the 5dmkii… theres a huge difference between 35mm stills and 35mm motion picture… so the only pro film lenses a FF video camera can use are the zeiss cp2 lenses and it cant even use the widest of them… m4/3 can take about any lens and so can aps-c sensors (7D) since they are sized right under motion picture film

  11. As a relatively new filmmaker, i'm going to stick with DSLRs for a while, only because they are really cheap, and produce the cinematic image that i'm looking for. Plus, some are estimating this camera to be around 6,000$ which i honestly think with a price like that, it shouldn't even be compared with dslr cameras.

  12. personaly I think the sony nex-vg10 will be the FIRST camera to make these guys ditch their crapppy DSLR's… there will always be diehards, trying to pretend the DSLR is still better, rather like mac fanboys trying to find uses for silly useless products..

  13. $4795.00 / check out at BH Photo Video

  14. @eyepatchentertainmen I'm not saying you're right. I'm just saying that for me a real bet is a video camera with full frame (35mm) sensor and interchangeble 35mm lenses. I make photos and I'll like to be able to use my investment in lenses in its full power, and not to make new ones in 4/3 lenses.

  15. Eyepatch Entertainment

    @vicoughetto Cinema size isn't full frame. The 5D sensor is larger than a cinema 35mm sized sensor.

  16. in Wikipedia:
    "4/3 as lower dynamic range, and noisier high-ISO output. Full-frame 35mm sensors—which are nearly 4x larger—outperform Four Thirds sensors by a wide margin". Full frame is better. A 17-40mm EF-Canon will be crop to half. That's bad.

  17. Eyepatch Entertainment

    @vicoughetto 4/3 is 35mm sized. The 7D is around 1.8 crop in 16:9 video mode and the GH1/GH2 AF100 is around 1.9 crop. For all purposes, basically the same size.

  18. The idea is nice. But if take all good things from DSRL why not the 35mm sensor? And then you got pro lenses to use in full not 4/3. The best they leave out, that's a shame.

  19. I was about to buy a 5D mk. II but might have to hold off on that and wait for this beast. I am just getting into film and this looks like it has a lot of potential to allow me to grow and make better quality media.

    The price is over my budget but I might just have to make it work…

  20. Interesting, safe for the 2x crop factor that you'll get on your existing Canon EF glass, which I am heavily invested in. I am tempted, but I guess I will wait until Canon's video department starts talking to the stills department and come up with a camera that has a 1.6 crop like the 7D does.

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