Panasonic AF100 4/3 DSLR Camera Announcement AG-AF100

Panasonic AF100 4/3 DSLR Camera Announcement AG-AF100



  1. 24MB current AVCHD codec actually looks better than old P2 DVCProHD codec because of more efficient coding. Previously, processors could not handle the coding, but that isn't an issue now.

    Micro 4:3 chip has more real estate than the 7D. "Micro" designates that the projection distance is different than the full 4:3 design. On the AF100, the lens width is halved…so a 25mm dslr lens mounted in it would actually be 50mm on the AF100.

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  3. mppixel photography


  4. @fourth1000 even the red one has rolling shutter sooo

  5. @mrziyoriginal That's just rude, juvenile and insensitive. You sir, are a moron.

  6. @mrziyoriginal That's just rude, juvenile and insensitive. You sir, are a moron.

  7. @mrziyoriginal That's just rude, juvenile and insensitive. You sir, are a moron.

  8. Texas Media Systems

    Check out the Kipon EOS to MFT adapter with built in aperture control on the Panasonic AG-AF100 with the Canon 50mm F1.8 lens. The adapter has no electronics so it has no auto focus.

  9. nice vid eyepatch!! I'm really sorry for the idiots that can't just watch the video without opening their pie-holes.

  10. Great post, eyepatch! I was pretty excited to learn about the 4/3 sensor camera Panny's unleashing – and you've very rationally (thank you) cooled my view enough to approach this possible purchase with a little more reserve. Thanks for the clarity and your far-reaching insight.

    Oh, and @kittykatro: either go take a long walk off a short pier or grow up. On behalf of all adults here and in other places on the web, I request you please do one or the other. Or just shut the fuck up.

  11. so let me get this straight; this camcorder will cost about £3,500 in the UK ? and its out very soon before the end of this year 2010 ??

  12. dude – good video, thanks for this… keep it up!

  13. on a video here and a google search with there adapter you can use 35 mm prime lenses since the camera is very very similar to one which is just awesome!

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  15. I would have much preferred the aps sized sensor, my guess is they did that to keep the price down at the sensor size they are using.. but the available micro 4/3 sensor lenses are too slow to give us the selective focus we're after.. that being said… auto focus and those features are not for filmmakers… I'm going to buy this camera, I'm going to buy a bunch of FAST manual focus lenses for 35mm still cameras, they will give me the selective and I'll have a superb camera.

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