Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 vs Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 – DSLR FILM NOOB

Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 vs Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 – DSLR FILM NOOB



  1. Olympus build there new cameras with internal 5 way Ibis IS.  IBIS give 4 stop IS plus
    the 5 way also does horizontal IS.  The Olympus bodies are not yet as good for video as the Panasonic, but, the built in IS makes using old MF lenses with Focus Peaking and magnification better since any lens no matter how old benefits from the internal Olympus IS.

  2. Just talking for nothing !

  3. awesome stuff bro. thank you

  4. I got my 12-35 pana used (like new) for 500 dollars. I wouldn't get this deal with the Olympus. I still think the Olympus is a better lens, but I really like the smaller size of the panasonic.

  5. Just wait until you use the IS on an Olympus body. It will blow your mind.

  6. Very good video , many thanks ! But there is an autofocus on the Panasonic ? i know for the Olympus it has, but i don't know for the Panasonic. Many thanks :)

  7. raredreamfootage

    How is the manual focus on these lenses?  I hear even though they are fly by wire, they are much better than Sony E-Mount lenses?  They keep the focus speed constant at all times?

  8. You fail to mention that the Olympus does not have image stabilization. That's fine if you use it with an Olympus body, with in body stabilization; not so fine with most Panasonic bodies that don't.

  9. correct me if i m wrong but seems like the panasonic 12-35 images look sharper than the olympus

  10. Good review. Hire an interior decorator.

  11. I have the 12-35mm 2.8.  Got it from Japan at a cheaper price than 800 dollars ( 100 dollars cheaper ).  I recommend it, but I do understand the zooming in artifacting.

  12. Image stablization on the 12-35 is awesome.  The 35-100mm does need some work, but I'd get the 12-35 just for the ois and beautiful lens quality.

  13. Is that green head thing from the manga BERSERK? Nice video! Very informative.

  14. mp4podcastDOTcom

    If you go with the Olympus lens go on Ebay and but a cheap Olympus Pen camera. The way you update Olympus lens firmware is you need a Olympus camera hooked up to your PC and then camera will will update the firmware for the lens.

  15. I've had my 12-35 for 5 months now and never seen that zoom issue. I must have a dud….

  16. I'm gonna create a company that makes a single f*** lens.
    It will be 12-40 f2.0 it will have focus stops and the light wont change while zooming and the the zoom wont change while focusing. It will talk to the panasonic camera to correct chromatic aberration and what not. It will have IS and in the night will work itself out as a whore to pay itself back…

    In other news I'm going with the 12-35 just because I think I'll zoom lesser times while video and maybe I won't have any follow focus… or if I do I should probably buy a new lens.

  17. Big Like

  18. Best band in the world bottom right = like.

    Now to watch the video…

  19. That's why the Olympus IBIS system is so much better than Panasonic's ILIS. On my e-m1 I can use my old zuiko OM film lenses stabilised or any lens I want. for semi-pro video I can understand wanting the gh-4 though. For me though, doing about 80/20 stills video the Olympus 12-40 with Olympus IBIS is a better bet with the previously mentioned advantage of having whatever is attached to the candy's stabilised. If Olympus can add additional frame rates to e-m1 in a firmware update though the choice would be much clearer since the e-m1+12-40 is the choice for stills but for now I think you probably made the right call for primarily video shooters.

  20. I am currently shooting a GH3 with Olympus primes. When considering a zoom lens I think I would still choose the Olympus. The IS has been a non issue for me shooting from a full size (heavy) rig. I am probably going to pick up a GH4 and use the GH3 for b-roll. Thanks for the video!

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