Outdoor GOLDEN HOUR Portrait Photography Tips – Using Natural Light

Outdoor GOLDEN HOUR Portrait Photography Tips – Using Natural Light

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  1. Mariella-Giselle Sagastume

    What lens are you using for this shoot?

  2. She can hardly speak. Couldn't listen it more than a minute…

  3. is this fullframe?

  4. Thanx, great video and tips

  5. DylantheAlbatross

    Thanks for the yips! You're beautiful by the way! Lets shoot together someday! XD

  6. Petar'sFinalCut

    Great video I Thank you. I have same camera as you :)

  7. Really thorough explanations with minimal gear. Great tutorial for beginners. Very much appreciated.

  8. First lesson of photography might be Planning. Always carry extra batteries. Plan ahead. Good job overall. Thanks.

  9. Derek Macdonald

    great tips, i need to get better at natural light at u are awesome. all it is is getting the light ink the right place and getting good focus which i always have trouble with

  10. WB ??

  11. nice vid, but why did you shoot @ iso 250? you have enough light! plus you have a full frame sensor that is pretty good at low light! i doute that you needed more brightness in your shot! i have a crop sensor, and when i am shooting portrait shots outside, i usually go for iso 100, if possible, if not, i play with my shutter speed. and the pictures come out very nice. don't get me wrong, i liked ur video, i was just wondering, if i shoot @ iso 100 and the pictures are great, why would you use iso 250, sacrificing neatness for noise? let me kmow, I'm always open for suggestions ???? … ????????????

  12. Did you mean, iso @ 6400 and shutter speed @ 250?

  13. you should buy a battery grip LOL

  14. Lauren Everdeen

    wow you get so many butthurt photographers on your videos 🙁 I love each and every one of them, you are amazing!

  15. Terrible!!!!! PLEASE DO NOT
    MAKE more videos. Thank you! 

  16. Why not use a single speedlight so you can pull the sky down darker in camera and then pop the model with a soft speedlight to fill in You would have the backlit plus some blue sky ????

  17. the closer ups were the best the ones farther away were a bit so so because the problem is i think the bright sun and sky kinda just washed things out a bit but closer up was better 🙂 nice.

  18. boualem mohamed

    Buy a Reflector hhhh u ll be surprised

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