On Camera Flash Techniques

On Camera Flash Techniques

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  1. probably your video was the best one which taught me flash photography with the simple gear

  2. probably your video was the best one which taught me flash photography with the simple gear

  3. Lightsphere produces very dull looking images and drastically reduces your flash power. You are better off learning how to create directional light than investing in all these useless attachments. The only attachments worth buying are grids and gels for off camera flash. Its hard getting directional light when you bounce it into a dome and scatter the light everywhere. As this video has shown the lightsphere shot was the least interesting of the bunch.

  4. 1:39 what you want to look for when boning one?

  5. Or instead of the gary fong lightsphere you could do what he did originally and cut a hole in a round tupperware bowl and attach that to your flash. Same effect. If you need more diffusion add another bowl inside of the other one or line it with wax paper.

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    Good info as always!

  8. DjFrank MixsquadDjs

    Your the man!…. Thank you so much! Just subscribed. 🙂

  9. sebastianekdahlphoto

    if i got a externalflash, and bounce it to a ceiling, say the "rough" where 10 meters above. How far away can i bounce, from the lense to the wall/rough?

  10. You didnt waise time, you jumped right into the subject, you cover the details with out waisting views time on what they dont what to hear- so thank you

  11. Great episode. I'd also like to know more about proper studio lighting.

  12. @theartofphotography Hi Ted, What's your opinion about those little omni bounce you put in front of the flash unit? And about that built in flash. When I lower the flash exposure compensation on my 7D everything looks pretty fine, as long as my ISO isn't too high. (but I only used it for simply light up one person) But I thought many nikon camera's didn't have that feature, I could be wrong. 🙂

  13. TANGOMANification

    Well hello motor-mouth you sure can blow!! Straight to-it;to the point, get on with it!!!! Informative!! Great show!!!! Keep it like that and you'll be cooking on gas or is it light??????? so to speak! I'm not sure but I enjoyed!!!

  14. While this was informative and done well; I haven't shot any stairwell pics in quite a while. I think the different types of light either from bounce or on camera or whatever would be better explained if taken where most of us take our pictures using flash—- inside a structure like a house –say the living room or kitchen. Then the difference will be quite amazing. I'd just like something done that average Joe's can put to use. I hope this isn't out of line

  15. Love the D40. Got mine still, D40x and D60 is gone, D90 is in use, but the D40 will stay!!

    By the way: Merry Christmas!

  16. Thanks for thinking of us on a budget!
    Happy holidays! ????

  17. What about pop up diffuser? I think it's kinda useful.

  18. very well and easy to digest your method of teaching. wish you were my tutor. cheers for the videos mate and keep the good work going.

  19. really do like your videos…well presented
    Great info.


  20. Good info, tks.

    Yauco, Puerto Rico

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