Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II: A decent dSLR alternative

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II: A decent dSLR alternative



  1. How is she still doing reviews for CNET my god! OMG OMG!

  2. is it better than the Sony mark 3

  3. I like this reviewer. No-nonsense and to-the-point.

  4. Does feel too flat? Seems like the camera professional has never used an older real film 35mm camera. That is a shame. Definitely seems more like a style camera than a camera

  5. Canon EOS M line should take notes from the Sony and Olympus/Panasonic mirrorless series.

  6. I'm sure this editor is a great writer but please find someone else to do these videos. I just can not stand her voice as it sounds like she is stressing her voice to speak. As soon as I hear her voice I stop watching.

  7. Not a camera for me. Olympus seems to be "reaching" with this model. I really like the idea of using a touch display to guide the focus. Can't stand how the Sony RX100M4 insists upon focus points and I have to just lose the shot knowing it the camera won't give me a second "guess" … I think a "next guess" button or scroll wheel would be great … or even let the camer uses its speed to take multiple shots like bracketing but for all parameters (focus points, depth of field alternatives, etc.)

  8. FIRST!!!

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