Olympus EVOLT E-420 with 14-42mm Lens

Olympus EVOLT E-420 with 14-42mm Lens



  1. +TigerDirect does the camera can record videos

  2. Try to search for this on youtube: Olympus E-420 | DVD Presentation

  3. nope

  4. Is there a video setting on this camera?

  5. saya juga dong

  6. I have this camera

  7. Having multiple means of saving your photo is a bit baffling to me. Which is the better way to go? What is the difference between the flash card and the olympus card? I made the mistake of ordering a memory flash card that was associated with the camera on Amazon not knowing that I had to specify CF and got a CE card. Now I am overwhelmed with all the CF cards that you can get.

  8. I have this camera and is good and sharp. Better build than canon or nikon, smaller and cooler. The 14-42 is quite sharp for a kit lens. Also THIS camera has all the settings of the bigger and much more expensive models ! You have all the freedom to create.

  9. @Bradzor83 Nop, it´s only for photos.

  10. @desygmoon Yep, it´s an Digital Reflex. You need to have some knowledge about photography. It´s a really good camera. I am about to get one.

  11. No, not at all. More for beginners…

  12. is it a professional cam ???

  13. Bought it today! Amazing camera… Im so exited! 😀

  14. it doesn't

  15. does this camera take videos to ?

  16. I fuckn have to get this camera lls

  17. Thank you for this review

  18. I just bought the 410 (downgrade of this which was 400+other stuff), but this one is 500 i believe. I dont know much about photography, but i was told that the 410 is a great first camera for new photographers.

  19. how much is this

  20. Why not give this guy something to review that he actually knows about. It's kinda sad watching this and I think it gives Tiger a REALLY bad name and rep.

    I feel this way every time I see him reviewing a camera 🙁

    Sad, just sad.

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