Olympus E620 video review

Olympus E620 video review



  1. Have an E510 but can see info in the viewfinder in bright light, is the info in the E620 easy to view in bright light please, this will be a crucial factor for me

  2. Does it have video?

  3. I love my Oly. I don't care about Canon or Nikon. I love my Oly.

  4. Does it have video???????

  5. Does it have video?

  6. From what I have seen system cameras usually shoot better movies than videocameras in the same price range. The difference seem to be that you can shoot more film on a videocamera. If you just shoot short clips I think most system cameras are superior in quality.

  7. Pretty much the same, 'cept for a few less features to make it cost less. Such as buttons are not back-lit on the 600 and it has less art filters.

    look here
    ww. dpreview. com/products/compare/side-by-side?products=oly_e600&products=oly_e620

  8. PROMO LINK goo.glIBESb

    Customer Reviews:

    I bought this because I have been an Olympus camera fan for over 20 years. I began with a 35mm film SLR – It was the best camera I have ever used, until now. This camera (E600) has a lot of features, which are pretty standard for a DSLR in this price range; being used to a totally manual film camera, I was a bit intimidated at first, but …
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  9. how about the E600 ? l have it and never seen tutorial about it ?

  10. Kimberly Mallett

    @fikri1996 at the price now you could get Nikon 7000. I still prefer the Olympus as there lens produce excellent photo quality. It's also about the lens, not just the camera. So do your reviews on lens too

  11. Kimberly Mallett

    I have been using a Olympus E410 with same lens that this comes with, and invested in a 70-300. If you want to see the results of photo's that I have taken go to my you tube and view my Tia Festival photo montage, there pretty impressive for old model. I actually bought a Canon D60 and yes it's faster, but the lens are not as good, and quality of pictures. So I bought this one, and the results are even better then the E410! These lens are very good, so make sure you get the kit.

  12. I have €350 olympus E 600, dropped it paid €200 to get repaired from Essex to portugal them back to Ireland, Mad, Olympus are sucks .

  13. i'm thinking of getting a dslr. but i dunno whether to choose olympus e620 or nikon d5000. do u have any suggestions. ?

  14. @MDKFILMS1 The E600 was sold exclusively for QVS. I ahve one, but it is basically like the E620. Still a difficult camera to use, if you ask me. Good luck!

  15. @MDKFILMS1 The E-600 was a special edition only sold on QVS. (I have one) It is basically the same as the E620. (you probably know this by now. ) 🙂 I have not getting to use to using mine..very complicated, I think.

  16. Description of Studio2 and Master2 has to be corrected.
    Master2 is the basic one and Studio2 (trial version)
    is the one with greater functions

  17. i think about buying it, in a kit of two lenses and the battery grip.
    the idea is to use it as a lightweight smallsize second/backup cam to my EOS 50D.
    why i not what a 1000d or a 550d? well, i think there are some intressing lenses by zuiko that enrich my gear and it can remote wireless flashes (less equitment to carry)
    can u imagine that it is a good camera for a nearly (semi)professional photographer, as an addition to an heavy big eos 50d?

  18. @noxis93 I got it and I must tell you: it feels extraordinary stable. Just don't force it too much. I was skeptic as well..

  19. @arianakudouchan I bought the double kit lenses and it serves the purpose pretty much. I suggest you to go for the double kit if you didn't buy it already.

  20. @MDKFILMS1 The E-600 is an American territory only. It gets you 3 filters only and it lacks in some stuff I can't recall at the moment.

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