Olympus E5 DSLR Review

Olympus E5 DSLR Review



  1. The canon 7d is a nice camera, but, it does not have on board image stabilization that the Prefessional Olympus E-5 does have.
    Canons Image stabilization lenses are a grand more than a non IS lens in most cases so the E-5 still is a great deal for $1700.00 without a lens. And, the Olympus E-5 has an articulating screen, it's is water resistant, the low light capabilities are fantastic, it has dual card shots, it has a Titanium body and it's shock proof.

  2. i don't get what's the point of making a dslr with a four thirds sensor…

  3. ThePatriotMuckraker

    I went to B&H and held this camera, it is HUGE for the sensor size. No wonder Olympus went in the Mirrorless . The all time champion of small, high value and ultra rugged DSLS is Pentax.

  4. ThePatriotMuckraker

    It's not so bad once you have your dick in her mouth.

  5. her voice is really annoying.

  6. I'm going back to Olympus, I'd rather spend 1700 instead of 3000 to 5000 dollars on a camera that competes with similar quality. I regret buying Canon I should have bought the e-5.

  7. Just a little giggly, guys. Whew.

  8. stupid review from the pair of clowns

  9. FrankJohnnie9595

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  11. Stupid review
    "the pictures are not as good as we want them to be.."
    how good do you want them to be?

    Olympus E5 beats Nikon D3s in ISO <2000
    thats proven, look on the internet if you dont believe

    we all know that D3s takes really good pictures, GREAT pictures perhaps. Im not biased to other manufacturers to be honest, unlike you.

    no mode dials?
    do canon 1D series have one?

    mu point is, IQ not good enough? if you want the best IQ, get hasselblad of leica. stupid dumbass

  12. @hajimesaitoo

    I don't know why everyone is complaining. I'm using Google Chrome on a slow, outdated Windows XP desktp with next to no RAM/HHD space, and all the videos work fine for me.

  13. @unrenderedmedia ya it suck because i know i missing out

  14. Dude, E5 is meant to be a Professional camera.
    Those buttons are awkwardly placed, movie only 720p, blah blah blah, IT IS MADE FOR TAKING PICTURES


    $1700 for a professional grade camera is cheap if you compare it to D3x or 1Ds mk iii

    u just made your point by judging from its price. wow. what an honest an "intellectual" decision

  15. @xOmniCloudx i havnt had G4 in a very long time

  16. @vincybadman871 well i dont have G4 and she was way better then this chick

  17. seamushardcore n

    same problem here no video

  18. Nikon D7000 > Canon 7D

    Nikon > Canon > Others

  19. To skinny:/

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