Olympus e410 DSLR: Review

Olympus e410 DSLR: Review


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  1. Antonieta Humble

    Olympus E-450 SLR-Digitalkamera (10 Megapixel Art Filter Live View) Kit inkl. 14-42 mm & 40-150

  2. Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

    He puts the Pretentious in Pretentious

  3. I like this guy, doesn't fuck around. Plus, he tells you what you need to know. Overall, I'm just looking for a SLR camera that gives brilliant detail, long exposure shots and shoot in RAW, but affordable somewhere between £200-£300. Something tells me it's not possible, but oh well.

  4. @braunsurgent AGREE !

  5. well if its the standard lens it focuses by itself just point hold button down half way and and it will focus then shooot

  6. i bought this also still learning how to use it….have no idea how to turn AUTO focus on?

  7. this! i have this amazing light and great in manual mode this one actually has 10.9 mp and fuji is cheap

  8. this! i have this amazing light and great in manual mode

  9. Hey Im wondering betewen the e-410 or the s2000hd/fd by fuji

    which is the better camera?

    i no that they both 10mp but the fuji has 15 or 16x optical zoom? which would be the better choice?


  10. All dSR's are very good. As an Olympus owner, I can say that Oly has some great lenses (notably the 50mm f/2 macro – my God what a jewel), while they are on the pricier side, you'll always have great glass. For Nikon, you'll have a lot more lens choices and lower prices. Then there's that whole go your own way and do something different aspect of Oly ownership. I often go to photowalks with friends and out of 15 people, I'm the only one with an Oly. You won't be disappointed with an Olympus

  11. amazing he didnt drop it

  12. to tell you the truth, both are great cameras. what are you trying to do with the cameras? do you have a lens budget? i use a dslr for my personal use, but use nikon sometimes at my job as they only have nikon dslrs (multimedia non-profit).

  13. this or the nikon d40 and tell me y

  14. So i just got this camera… is this the right choice to go today? It was cheapest one and was told best item for your buck right now. Plus small sized.

  15. sadly no, top spots are taken by Canon and Nikon

  16. great review. i already have one and u just reassured my purchase 🙂 ;:)

  17. where from?!!?

  18. nice shit !

  19. Excellent camera. I have got one…

  20. LOL at the squirel
    love it

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